8/3/2012 ~ Dear Future Husband

Dear Future Husband,
I miss you. I hate being lonely but more than that I hate being so sad. I look forward to a day where I can (With God’s help) finally over come all this sadness I feel, when I can avoid letting it drown and strangle me. I’m working on that a lot recently because you deserve someone who isn’t bringing people down all the time, you deserve someone who is living life to the fullest, like we were meant to be. I promise I’m trying my hardest to do that.
Hope Kristen ♥

From the To My Future Spouse Tumblr:

– I’m going to need you to teach me how to dance. I’m too clumsy and too white to be able to do it well. Can you handle that?

*This next one is a To My Future Wife but I loved it so much I had to include it*

– So talking to my boss today about marriage (such a weird talk), it gave me something to look forward to. I haven’t thought about it for a while, but after that unusual conversation, I am.
My boss got engaged after 3 dates, 3 FREAKING DATES (and he fell asleep during one). Now, I don’t know that will happen for me ,but to be that sure…gosh, I dont know. Just to be with a person who is one with you. A person who you can define all the rules of marriage today, you know like “test the car before you drive it kid” or “you can fall in love again” or my favorite “its always easier after the first divorce”…. yeah, no thanks. How about we get married and we live like we were suppose to?
Like we stay together till the end.
I cant wait to be able to share a life with someone, to be able to be alone but not at the same time, to make someone laugh to be able to come home and know that beautiful face is waiting for me (even when you got in a fight the night before). I want to get lost in your eyes, get lost in your hair…cause lets be real, my wife is going to have some crazy hair. I want to look at my ring and see that I physically can’t take it off because its been on so long and even if I could, I wouldn’t want to. Someone who would challenge me in my faith, my life, and as a man.
I can fix your car (cause fixing car is a blast anyway) and you can come bring me water and just keep my company. Come kiss me and I’ll “accidentally” smear car grease on your face. I want you to confide in me, you can read my letters to you, my journal. We can build each other up and you’ll tell me you’re proud of me when no one else is.
Wake up to the smell of coffee, and come downstairs to see you in my shirt that is way too big for you, and after you take a sip of the coffee, you hand it to me.
I want you to get lost in my arms when you hug me. I want to be an individual, and you as well, but together, we are one.
I want to know that you are in this for the long run. I know there is going to be things that you do that piss me off more then I know; I know that we’ll fight, but it will be with you.
Then there will be the great days. Like the days that it rains, it storms and you ask me to stay home and I tell you I already took work off. We’ll watch tv all day, that is till you get bored and kiss me; then Ill just turn the music on and the tv off and dance with you just you and me. I’ll dance with you really just because I want to hold you close and you’re a great dancer. I’ll sing to you awfully, and you’ll sing to me and it’s be beautiful.We will both sit on our computers in the same room, then Ill message you and youll just look up at me with a big smile on your face.
Yeah, you and me. Someday…


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