Feelings are weird.

Isn’t is weird how you can be happy one day or even one minute and the next completely confused, or sad or even vice versa? Or how you can feel completely sure of something at one moment and then completely confused the next? I just don’t understand, feelings are confusing and I don’t really know how something can change so much so quickly.

I don’t know why feelings are the way they are ever… and I don’t usually like them.

Thank you, God that you are constant and I don’t have to rely on my feelings!


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About elvishjesusfreak

I'm learning to love and be and grow up and things are hard but God is always so good.

4 responses to “Feelings are weird.”

  1. kford2007 says :

    I’m sure God has feelings, too. I wonder if they overwhelm Him like they do us. After all, how many quadrillion billion life forms does He have to take care of and nurture? I’d go bonkers for sure. :)

    • elvishjesusfreak says :

      Whoa! That’s such a cool thought. I’d never thought of it like that before! :)

      • kford2007 says :

        Yeah, sometimes I picture God like that alien at the end of the first Men in Black. Flicking marbles across the universe to see what kind of havoc he can cause. I’m convinced God has a very warped, dry sense of humor. He has to. His children drive Him crazy. I wonder if God is bald from tearing His hair out? I bet the path before His throne is worn from worry. And when does the dude sleep? Never. You know, sleep deprivation can make you do strange things. Maybe that’s what happened when God made the platypus and giraffe. He was tired. Stressed out not to mention overwhelmed by the millions of voices in his head at once. Perhaps He needed to make something that would cheer Him up. Hey, if I was in that position of power, that’s what I’d do. Mix it up. Have fun. De-stress. Make the world laugh. Don’t worry. Be happy.

        I know. It’s late. I’m rambling. Sleep deprivation here. Good night.

      • elvishjesusfreak says :

        Ha I love these thoughts! Thanks for bringing them up! :)

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