How Summer Should Be

This entire weekend, starting Thursday night has been some of the absolute best days of my life. Definitely the highlight of my summer and completely how summer should be.
It sort of started on Wednesday actually, when I celebrated 4th of July with my friends Ryan and Jiayi who were both on my dorm floor this past year. The three of us had gotten together to watch Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, eat pizza and finally watch the gorgeous fireworks that our city put on. While we were hanging out that afternoon I got a phone call from Carrie, one of my closest friends in this world and one I hadn’t seen since the end of the school year. She had Thursday and Friday of this week off and was missing me as much as I was missing her so she called to ask if she could come visit from Kansas City (About 2 hours away). The answer of course was yes so Thursday after I got off work she picked me up so that the two of us and Jiayi could hang out.

We spent the evening eating pizza and watching Iron Man at my apartment, going back up to Manhattan Hill (A hill that looks over the entire city of Manhattan, has the letters to Manhattan on the hill where you can sit on them and is a perfect place to just sit and enjoy friends and/or God’s creations.) and then going to the nearby dam where we played in a field in the dark and watched the water. After those adventures, Carrie and I went back to my apartment and sat outside it for a while catching up on everything. It was decided that the next morning (I don’t work Fridays, thankfully!) we would go on a walk around campus then the two of us, Jiayi and our friend Soo would go on a picnic and go swimming in a popular lake nearby.

On our walk around campus Friday morning, we enjoyed taking pictures, of each other and of the gorgeous campus, then we visited our old dorm and sat in there and reminisced a while. After that, we went and played in the sprinklers out front (Hey, it was 105 degrees Fahrenheit ok?) then walked around a bit more before sticking our heads in a fountain to cool down again. About that time it was time for our picnic, so we picked up the other two and drove out and had a wonderful time. Once that was over, Carrie and I went back to my apartment, got cleaned up and went to go get the top cartilage of our ears pierced, something that had been on my bucket list for years and something she had just convinced her parents to let her do. Once that was accomplished (We love them by the way!), we went to a movie party with my Bible study and watched Despicable Me and had a tremendous time.

Sadly, Carrie had to work on Saturday at 1pm so she left fairly early in the morning but it was definitely a much-needed time to spend together and we enjoyed every second of it! Saturday I didn’t have much to do so I expected it to be a bit of a lazy day but then my new friend Megan invited me over to her apartment to watch Mulan and eat tacos. I of course accepted and after that was done, was invited to a play in the river/campfire with some of the people from my Bible study. We hiked out on a path through the woods to go to part of the river close by that most of us didn’t know existed. We made hot dogs and s’mores over the fire, played in the water and after a while, all layed down in the sand to watch the stars and talk for about 2 hours.

Today I just went to church and then was rather lazy the rest of the time but this weekend has truly been the best, it was exactly what I needed and in my opinion is exactly how summer should be. Time outside with friends and lots of pictures taken. :)

I hope all of you have had a marvelous weekend as well!
Hope ♥

P.S. This is my 500th post! Thanks for reading all of these guys, you are all amazing!


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