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Since today is 4th of July, and in America it is Independence Day, I am going to be off celebrating with a couple of friends and therefore don’t have time to really write (I’ll probably write a meaningful post tomorrow!) but it was convenient timing because I found this brilliant post on Tumblr, by one of my favorite blogs, Leeyounger that not only do I 100% agree with but thought it was super wise and completely amazing!
Hope ♥

Please Don’t Settle for a Sucky Marriage by LeeYounger on Tumblr:
You want to be married. I get it. Trust me, I get it. I wanted to be married my whole life. I was thinking seriously about marriage when I was 9 years old, no kidding. I know you want to be hitched more than you want just about anything else, but please, please, please don’t settle for anything less than a marriage that will rock your face off for decades to come and beyond.

Here’s what I mean by that:

Don’t mess around with people who don’t love Jesus. Just don’t. I mean, look – there is the very slightest chance in hell that you might lead this person to the Lord and then overnight they will become the strong, passionate and dedicated kind of believer that really pushes you to grow more in the Lord; but good heavens, that’s only the slightest chance and let’s face it – that never happens, ever. The truth is, a marriage without Jesus in it is doomed from the start. It takes an almost impossible amount of humility and cooperation to be married, happy and in love for decades. Only Jesus can empower that kind of self-sacrifice, patience and servant-hearted love. If you don’t have that, you don’t have anything that will last very many storms. (And you will have storms)

Marry someone who freaking LOVES Jesus. I mean, you don’t have to tell them to love Jesus, they just love Him all by themselves. Their love for Him encourages you to seek the Lord more.

Marry someone who blows you away. If all this person has is good looks, move on – and do it today. You want someone who makes you laugh. You want someone who impresses you. You want someone who makes you get on your face and worship Jesus for His creative genius!

Marry someone who cherishes you. You want someone who makes you feel like a rock star, a superhero and the world’s best-kept-secret all rolled into one.

Marry someone who wants to serve the Lord. There is no better way to grow in love than loving others in ministry. And, there’s nothing more exciting and fulfilling than serving the Lord together as a team with your mate!

Marry your best friend. I cannot stress this enough. When something terrible happens, who do you want to call? When something amazing happens, who do you text first? When you’re dog-tired and you just want to crash and you don’t want to see the face of any other human beings in the whole world, who is the only living soul that you want to be with in that moment?

Don’t settle for less. When you marry, you’re stuck. You’re captured. The question is, will you be glad that you’re captured? Will you be captivated and committed? Tell God what you want and trust Him to work it out beautifully in His time.


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