Fictional Feelings

I know I’ve written a lot about fictional characters, and even several times recently but due to events that occurred yesterday, it’s a topic I have to bring back up.
Sunday evening, I was reading the new Ted Dekker book, “Forbidden” and enjoying it immensely as I do with all his books when all of a sudden, one of the characters, my favorite character died! Obviously, since we all know how attached to fictional characters I can be, I was heartbroken. I set down the book and in my anger and sadness about this character death, I was unable to pick it up for the rest of the day to continue. Yesterday at work, I finally picked it back up but first I was explaining my emotional distress to my coworkers when one of them said, “That’s why you don’t ever like fictional characters”. This statement absolutely blew me away, I mean sure, yeah, don’t get as emotionally attached as I am, that makes sense, that’s normal, but don’t even like them? What are you doing with your life if you don’t connect to fictional characters on any level or even like them? Yes, they may be fictional but you can learn so much about yourself through characters and in my opinion life is so much better with love and feelings for them.
I honestly can’t imagine living without feelings for fictional characters but since I am so attached to them, maybe that’s just me and it’s normal not to connect. I don’t think so though, I mean, if it were normal, wouldn’t there be significantly less fictional characters in the world? Anyways, the news that not everyone gets enjoyment out of fictional characters was heartbreaking to me.
What do you all think? Am I unusual or is my coworker?
Thanks for reading!
Hope ♥


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4 responses to “Fictional Feelings”

  1. catkinder says :

    I think your coworker is the crazy one here. I may not get AS attached, but there is definitely some crying going on, maybe a bit of sobbing as well in a REALLY good book. But it really isnt much different than connecting to someone in real life right? With the personalities and quirks? Anyways… :]

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