Be Done With Sin

Today at church, the pastor had an amazing sermon about being done with sin. He discussed how if we are going to live for Christ, that means we’re willing to suffer for Him, which means that you have decided to stop sinning. (1 Peter 4:1). He also discussed how sin hurts everyone, it hurts the sinner and it almost always hurts those around the sinner as well. The pastor used the illustration of tracking dirt into your house, you can pretend it’s not there but if anyone else comes in, they’re going to notice that you have dirt all over your floor. We have to actually clean up the mess (Or sin) and fix it. Fortunately, we don’t have to do this task on our own, we have a Lord and Savior who not only died to be able to forgive us of our sins, but also our Savior who is also willing to help us clean it up, we just have to surrender to Him and let Him fix us. If we are going to be done with sin, we have to be armed with the attitude of Christ. We have to say and believe, not what we want, but what God wants.

The second point he made was to live for God’s will all the time. Saying no to sin hurts but if we live for God, we say no to the will of the flesh and say yes to God. Saying no to sin does cause some suffering but if we stick with it and still say no, that suffering will cause us to grow in our faith. Also, sin starts with putting God in the wrong place in our lives, which is anywhere but first place. If we want to do the will of God in our lives, we have to ask which is stronger, the will of the flesh or the will of God? If we really want God to be first in our lives, we have to let God be the one to win, and let the will of God be most important.

The next step for this all to occur is that we pray to put God’s will first. We need to listen to God, not just talk to Him. We have to have constant conversation with God and live a righteous life for Him. “Confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The earnest prayer of a righteous person has great power and produces wonderful results.” (James 5:16)

As a conclusion to all this, we have to do the will of God to be done with sin. We have to always be armed and praying and listening to God. We have to stop chasing the desires of the flesh and start chasing the desires of God.

So yeah, I thought it was a really good sermon and definitely one that everyone needs to hear I think. Since as humans we are all pretty good at sinning quite a lot unfortunately. I think those if we get better at following these tips, at truly surrendering to God and trying to focus on His will, our lives will be much better.

Hope ♥


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