An Adventure I Didn’t Mean to Have

Ok so after a week of living alone and pretty much hanging out by myself, last night I finally had the opportunity to go to a Bible study for those of us still in our college town for the summer, put on by my student ministry I attend during school. I was pretty excited about this, even though I don’t know any of the people attending, just because it gave me the opportunity to leave my apartment, fellowship with other believers and do something for a change. I looked up the instructions on how to get there and even though I hadn’t been there before decided to go for it and walk there because I don’t have a car. Normally I would have at least ridden my bike but my friend Jiayi, who was on my dorm floor with me this past year and is staying up here for the summer as well instead of going back to his home in China, wanted to go with me and he doesn’t have a bike. That being said, he came over about an hour before Bible study and we decided to go ahead and walk over there, not knowing how long it would take. With the directions to the apartment it was being held at in my phone, we set out, not expecting it to take that long. After 30 minutes of walking and knowing that we were only roughly halfway there, we realized how wrong we were in supposing it would be an easy walk. Fortunately it wasn’t terribly hot out last night, especially for this time of year but we were still a bit exhausted from walking that far, and we weren’t even there yet. About that time we took the next turn that we were supposed to and realized that this stretch of the journey included us walking on the side of the highway (Probably not the safest idea but it happened). We grudgingly trudged on with our journey, desperately wishing that one of us owned a car. A little bit later we saw some apartments, we thought we were finally there but as we looked at the address we realized that alas, we were not there and we now happened to be lost. We sat down for a few minutes to gather some more strength before continuing our trek then finally figured out which way we were supposed to go. By the time we arrived, we had been walking for an hour and a half and were 45 minutes late to the study. Regardless of this, it was still a lovely time and the people there seemed quite nice and friendly and they were all so shocked that we walked that far that we had several offers to give us a ride back. We gratefully accepted the offer and have a promise from one girl that she’ll pick us up every week to avoid ever having to walk that far again.
Hopefully through this study I’ll make some good friends and be able to have more companionship and fellowship in Christ for upcoming weeks.
This trek was definitely more of an adventure than I was expecting but overall, it really wasn’t that bad. Sure, I don’t enjoy being lost and walking for 3 miles is quite trying but since I was with Jiayi and it ended up ok, it wasn’t bad. And hey, now I have a fun story!
Oh, I should also mention that I walked this whole way barefoot. Not because I had to but because honestly I’m much more comfortable without shoes if the weather permits than with, I had my shoes in my purse the whole time in case I needed them but ironically when I arrived at the Bible study and decided to put them on, they promptly broke. 3 miles of walking barefoot then I put my shoes on and they break. So, I’m glad I didn’t need them anyways.
I hope you’re all having a good summer!
Hope ♥


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2 responses to “An Adventure I Didn’t Mean to Have”

  1. Hudson Gay says :

    Clearly, your shoes were mad at you for not paying attention to them. :-P

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