My God’s Enough

Ok, so you know in church and in praise and worship songs people always say “My God’s enough for me” or “God is enough” or some variation of that phrase, while I completely agree with it, it seems to be a bit of an odd phrase. I mean let’s think this through, God’s not enough for us, because that almost implies that we’re just settling with how we are because we have Him. But no, God’s not enough for me, God’s all I’ll ever need.
I was thinking about this in church this morning because one of the songs we sang had those lyrics, that God’s enough. And I mean, it is a wonderful sentiment, knowing that Christ is enough, but I just feel like the sentiment in those songs isn’t strong enough. He’s not enough, He is all. He’s perfect and He’s everything.
So yeah, this has been an extremely short post but it was just what I was thinking of, how amazing it is that we literally don’t need anything but God. I could get rid of all my possessions, everything I own and I would be fine, God would provide. That’s how incredible the Lord and Savior of my life is. And that to me is mind-blowing.
Have a lovely end to your weekend, readers!
Hope ♥


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