The Zombies are Coming

I’ve never been one to really fall into the belief that the world will end in a zombie apocalypse, in fact, I’ve never really even believed in zombies. They’re fiction right? Maybe not. Recent events have me baffled and admittedly slightly concerned. Now, don’t worry, I’m not going to become a zombie obsessed nut who goes and tells everyone of the end of the world, after all, in the Bible it clearly details how this world will end. However, with the recent events occurring (Which I will outline in a moment) I admit to being slightly concerned and feel that perfect I should at least be somewhat prepared. Now obviously I don’t feel that zombies will happen exactly as they do in the movies but I feel like with different diseases and viruses an outbreak of some sort seems to be possible.
The following list are articles I compiled from Tumblr and various other sources, if you’ll notice, all these news sources are legitimate and this is something that has been happening more and more recently. Take this how you will.
Stay safe followers and thanks as always for reading!
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