I didn’t know perfect movies existed

I’m a little late on writing this post because I first saw this perfect movie during it’s opening week (However it was during my finals week and since I’ve been busy since then I didn’t get the chance to write about it yet), on May 9 with 3 of my very best friends from my floor after we were done with finals for the day. There had been so much hype about it and it looked so good that we decided we should go see it. So what is this perfect movie you ask? The movie that has turned my Tumblr almost entirely into a blog about this movie and one that has left me swooning over one of the character so that I am now fangirling over this actor like I never have before? The Avengers.
I had always been a fan of superhero movies, back from the time I saw my first one which was the 2002 version of Spiderman (Sure, re-watching it now I realize those movies are slightly terrible and ridiculously cheesy but I like the theme and thought of superheroes anyways) and always enjoy when new movies come out so I can enter the world of superheroes more (I know I’m a terrible fan but I haven’t read any of the comics yet). So naturally after immensely enjoying the Iron Man movies and Captain America (At the time I hadn’t seen Thor yet and I still haven’t seen either of the Hulk movies) I was excited about the Avengers. Of course due to the hype I was a little bit afraid going into the movie that the hype was too much, I mean there was so much hype there was no way a movie could live up to that right? Wrong. I left that movie wishing there was more hype about it, it’s so perfect! The action is fantastic, all the CGI is perfectly done and quite realistic looking, the acting is all phenomenal and the way all the characters interact with each other on-screen is superb and my favorite parts of it – All the one liners of that movie are perfect. I won’t spoil it for those of you who haven’t seen it but I’ve now seen it three times (A tremendous waste of my money I know but I can’t help it, and I’ve gotten relatively cheap tickets each time) and the one liners make me laugh harder each time. Not only that but the writing and the story is so fantastic, it makes me inspired, it makes me want to believe in superheroes and it makes me want to go out and become a super awesome assassin like the Black Widow. Ok, maybe not assassin, but when I’m in the FBI you better believe that I am going to be that awesome and BA. I mean hey, I already have the short red hair and blue eyes right? The BA-ness will just come along later? Yep. Anyways…
Also, this is my fangirling coming out here now but can we talk about how attractive every single member of that cast is? All of them are gorgeous. You might be wondering (But you’re probably not because this post is becoming less and less quality the more I write in it) which of the actors in particular I’m now fangirling over. Well the answer is Tom Hiddleston who played the villain Loki. Some of you are definitely now thinking I’ve lost my mind I’m sure, maybe especially if you’ve only seen him as Loki but when you look at him in real life (Though I still think Loki’s attractive too) he’s absolutely gorgeous. And due to the massive amount of interviews I’ve seen him in, I can tell he’s also one of the sweetest people, he genuinely seems to care about his fame and unlike most actors, at least especially American actors, he seems really down to earth and genuinely excited that people even watch his work also he’s hilarious. Yep. I’ve got a Hiddleston addiction. But that’s ok. :) It’s also kind of my new life goal to meet him… I’m gonna work on that.
Anyways, I’ve fangirled enough for you all and I do apologize for the lack of quality posting on this blog recently but hopefully my quality will return soon. But seriously, for those of you who haven’t seen the Avengers, you should all do so immediately.
And now I leave you with some gorgeous pictures of Tom. :)
Hope ♥


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  1. Victoria-writes says :

    I can’t wait to see it!

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