Today went much differently than expected.

Today was supposed to be the day that I returned to college, the day I left home for the summer to go to work on campus where I work year round. I was supposed to get on a bus about 2:30 and take the 4 hour bus ride to the town near campus where my roommate for the summer would pick me up and take me to our apartment. There was supposed to be a slight layover in a town at about the half way point where I would have an hour layover and then get on a connecting bus. All in all I should have been in my apartment by 7pm at the latest. I was ready, I had said my goodbyes, everything was packed, I had psyched myself up that though I was nervous to be on my own for the summer and even more nervous to ride a bus (Those nerves increased when we got to the bus station and I saw it was the creepiest place I’ve ever seen and could’ve easily been a set for a horror movie) that God had a plan for me and that this summer is going to be the best one yet. I have a full-time job, I will actually be doing something productive with my life and I’m going to do my best to focus on God’s will and do what he wants. I was ready, nervous but excited.
That’s how my day was supposed to go but what happened turned out a little differently. I woke up somewhat early this morning to take care of some last minute packing and planning. The bus tickets had purchased online yesterday so that wasn’t a problem then around 12 my mom, sister and grandma and I left for the bus station. First we stopped to eat at Sonic that my grandmother kindly bought for us and then we were off. I checked in at the counter and got the stickers to put on my checked bag that had my name on it and everything at exactly an hour before my bus, just like the time they want you to arrive. After that I went back to the car to hang with the family some more. Dad was at work but he took his lunch to come see me and we had a nice time just waiting for the bus. The bus finally arrived at 2:15, just the right time for it to leave when it was supposed to at 2:30. I said my goodbyes, put my suitcase on the bus and got ready for departure. That was when things started to go wonky. My mom asked the bus driver (Who looked a bit like and sounded exactly like Morgan Freeman, much to my excitement) if the bus would be leaving on time. He replied that he was supposed to meet a connecting bus there before he could leave but that the other bus was running 2 hours late and he was sure his supervisor wouldn’t have him wait for it but he was going to call to make sure. He called and much to his surprise and my unhappiness his supervisor said he would have to wait. Mom and I checked on my ticket and saw that if we waited two hours for the other bus I would miss my connecting bus and would therefore be stranded in the bus station halfway through with my trip, so we asked if there would be another connecting bus. We were told there would be, 12 hours afterward. After finding this out, mom called dad (Who by this time had returned to work) and discussed that instead of me being stranded halfway between home and college for 12 or more hours that dad could take me tomorrow morning because for once he actually has Sunday off. After that was decided we cancelled my ticket (Fortunately getting a refund) and returned back home.
So, instead of me now being in my summer apartment and blogging from there as I had expected, and instead of being away from my family already, I’m spending this one last night at home before heading out early in the morning.
All well, I suppose this is what God had in mind and I think it’ll be better than taking a bus, though I was getting quite excited about the adventure taking a bus might bring. But I suppose there are other times for adventures on buses. This way my family will drop me off for the summer and unlike if I had ridden the bus, I’ll be able to take my bicycle up to my apartment, which will be quite helpful due to my lack of car ownership.
Anyways, I thought I should update you all on my current condition and I will most certainly update tomorrow to let you know of my trip. Now I should get to bed and get some sleep before my hopefully adventurous and exciting day tomorrow.
Hope ♥


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