Thoughts from an Airplane

As I mentioned in the last post, yesterday was the day that I flew back from Georgia and as flights can sometimes be quite boring, and due to the fact that we had a 40 minute delay sitting on the runway before take off (Though fortunately the rest of my trip was safe and uneventful) I decided to jot down some of my thoughts as they came to me. I realize they’re pretty spastic and random at times but hopefully enjoyable as well!
Here you go!

– Babies should not be allowed on airplanes. Oh my goodness.
– It’s disappointing to sit in a row with two women when you dreamed the previous night that you sat next to Tom Hiddleston, your current celebrity crush and in said dream he then fell in love with you. Sad day.
– Electronics should definitely be allowed on planes if you’re just sitting on the runway. I want my cell phone out!
– Tom Hiddleston is the most attractive person on this earth.

4:10 (Finally up in the air, we were supposed to leave at 3:20):
– The Atlanta skyline is the prettiest I have ever seen.
– I’m glad we can finally turn on our electronics such as iPods.
– 5 years was way too long to be away from Georgia after 15 years of living there.
– Also, 1 week is not enough time to catch up with your best friend you’ve had since you were 7.
– It would be super cool to have super powers.
– Making complicated bracelets is a frustrating ordeal.
– TSA agents are way nicer than people make them out to be.
– I’m getting thirsty.
– You Me at Six is a great band and they make me super happy.
– I keep thinking about Tom…
– And how much I want Black Mango Tea.
– I’m really thirsty…

*Goes to making my bracelet for a bit*

– God is super awesome. Those clouds out the window are pure perfection.
– Airtran has super nice and polite flight attendants.
– I’m not really hungry right now, nor am I a huge fan of pretzels but I always eat them on plane rides.
– THE DRINK CART IS HERE! DELICIOUS COKE! My thirst is quenched.
– Speaking of pretzels, why is that randomly the food they serve on airplanes? What happened to cookies?
– Why do drink carts have cans of water instead of bottles?
– The woman behind me just started speaking – She’s BRITISH! I love her accent.
– Now I’m thinking of Tom again because he’s British. As is You Me at Six.
– Now I’m thirsty again too. I’m sensing a cycle.
– Wow, airplane seats are really uncomfortable and I still have an hour to go.
– I miss Erin already.
– 1 week at home and then I’m off by myself for the summer to work. Both of those situations make me nervous but going home sounds far worse than my first time by myself for a summer. *Shudder*
– This bracelet is ticking me off.

*Nap time*

– Airplane naps are not that comfortable or restful. But at least time has gone by…
– The girl beside me has really cute shoes. I wonder where she got them? I’d ask her is she wasn’t asleep this whole trip.
– Airplane rides are made more exciting when one has funny Tom Hiddleston interviews saved on their iPod.
– I’m such a fangirl, gosh, Hope…
– *Looks out window* Well, definitely back in the Midwest again. No more trees or hills.
– I was really hot and sweaty when I got on board but now I’m getting cold…
– Not that I would do this but what exactly would happen if you used a cell phone mid-flight? Because announcements on the intercom tell you to turn them off but no one ever checks to see if you do…
– Oh yay! We’re beginning our decent.
– Wait. Why is our flight arriving at the time we were supposed to when we were delayed on the runway for 40 minutes?
Our pilot is clearly a time traveler.
– I’m home again! Er, at least landed…

*Song of the Flight: Reckless by You Me at Six*

Hope ♥


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