A Bit of a Silly Post

This post admittedly doesn’t have much of a point. It’s basically just a post detailing my life from the past week and the odd things that have occurred. It’s not really that important but has entertained/baffled/excited me.

– Ok, so first thing. I talked about how Sunday night I got almost no sleep due to the awesome conversations we were having. Obviously I don’t regret that time at all but what I failed to mention was how ridiculous I acted on Monday because of it. Turns out getting 4 hours of sleep on a school night where your day is full of classes and work doesn’t always lead to normal behaviors. On the way to class, I fell up the stairs completely falling on my face and entertaining the guy behind me and causing him to laugh pretty hard. Then I went to English (My first class) where I sleepily giggled through most of the class. I then came back after my History class to hang out in my dorm lobby for the small amount of time I had before lunch and then my next class. During this time, Tyler, one of my friends was teasing me so I got up to teasingly (and not very hard) punch him in the arm. He ran away from me so of course I had to chase him down, before I could catch him Jared came in and caught him for me (You know, it’s what all good Fake Co-RAs do) so I punched Tyler. Jared then told me that wasn’t good enough and I should do it again, unfortunately by the time I got to punching him again, Tyler had moved and I ended up hitting Jared in the face instead. Nothing like punching your best friend/Co-RA in the face. After that I went about my day to continue giggling ridiculously at everything, sometimes til tears were streaming down my face at things that weren’t really funny. This continued until dinner when we were all flicking baby carrots at each other and I ended up hitting Connor in the eye with one. At that time I went to take a nap before causing more injuries to myself and/or others. (For those wondering about the whole Co-RA thing Jared and I have, read this – https://elvishjesusfreak.wordpress.com/2011/10/30/a-weekend-to-remember/)

– Also on Monday I discovered that my best friend from high school, Jill, who I have previously talked about (https://elvishjesusfreak.wordpress.com/2012/03/24/how-i-met-my-best-friend/) is transferring from her school in Florida to come to the University I’m at next year! Needless to say, I am overjoyed and ecstatic for our shenanigans to continue!

– A very nerdy thing that happened to me this week was yesterday when I was at work, a girl came into the office wearing a Pizza John Green shirt that is of course a Nerdfighter shirt made by the Vlogbrothers, Hank and John Green. Being a Nerdfighter myself, I was overjoyed and immediately complimented her on her wonderful choice of attire. She responded that she had hoped I would be in the office when she came because she remembered coming in a few months back and seeing me wear a Doctor Who shirt and from that, correctly assumed that I am a Nerdfighter. My day was definitely made.

– On the subject of Doctor Who and being a nerd, someone on campus has written “Bad Wolf” all around our campus in chalk. For those of you who have watched Doctor Who, you know that the words “Bad Wolf” are quite prevalent in the first two series. It was pretty exciting seeing Doctor Who references everywhere, and there’s even a TARDIS drawn as well!

So yeah, that was definitely a random post but hopefully an enjoyable one nonetheless. :)
Have you guys had weird/entertaining weeks too?

Hope ♥


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I'm learning to love and be and grow up and things are hard but God is always so good.

2 responses to “A Bit of a Silly Post”

  1. Victoria-writes says :

    Hehe I love that the girl noticed your t-shirts. Embrace the nerd :)

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