I Waste a Lot of Time

I wrote yesterday about how awesome the sermon at church was on Sunday but really Sunday was just all kinds of wonderful. In the evening Sunday, Kyle, Jared and I ended up having an amazing discussion about just all the cool things God is doing in our lives and we shared encouragement with each other. Also during that time Kyle prayed over me and Jared individually and it was just an awesome experience. At about 1:30am Kyle went to bed but then Jared and I ended up staying up talking and worshiping God until 3am. I was definitely exhausted all day yesterday (Though a nice two-hour nap after work helped that) but it was completely worth it and I definitely don’t regret a moment of it!
During this time of fellowship, it was discussed a little bit about giving up things for the Lord and focusing on Him more instead of focusing on our worldly possessions and things that totally don’t matter. When we were talking about this I was convicted of just how much time I waste especially on the internet. Now don’t misunderstand me, I don’t think there’s anything inherently wrong with the internet, I think it’s a wonderful tool really and it has honestly helped me in so many ways I would shudder to think what I would do without it. That being said, for the next week or so I have downloaded an extension for Google Chrome to block some of my time-wasting sites so I can’t get on them. During this time I plan on spending more time studying my Bible, spending my time with people and loving on them and working on school work. You might be asking why I didn’t block WordPress but honestly though I post just about every day, I actually don’t waste too much time on here, I read a few blogs, I post and I check my stats about twice a day but that’s about it and I realized that WordPress is also a site where I talk about my faith a lot and hopefully I’m reading some of my readers for Him and I’m trying to really bring glory to God through this site. Sure, I try to do the same on other sites like Twitter and Tumblr but I also spend a lot of pointless time browsing those sites so I’m off of them for the week. Some of my friends are doubting I can do this but honestly I know I can. I’m doing this for God and to really try to focus on Him and meditate on what He wants me to do instead of just wasting time on things that don’t matter.
So, what about you all? Do you have things God is wanting you give up for a while? How do you all focus on God and work on giving Him the glory He deserves?
Thanks as always for reading!
Hope ♥


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I'm learning to love and be and grow up and things are hard but God is always so good.

2 responses to “I Waste a Lot of Time”

  1. Tola says :

    This is awesome! Good luck =)

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