Eternal Life

Yesterday at church our pastor had a wonderful sermon on eternal life. He discussed how awesome it is that Jesus gave His life for us. I mean let’s think about this, God literally sent the person He loved the most in the entire world to be tortured and murdered for us. You’d think the least we could do after that is be enthusiastic about this awesome, free gift of eternal life we’ve been given. I mean really, think about it, I mean obviously as humans we don’t have this capability but think about the person you love this most in this world, then think about sending them to be tortured and killed for everyone in the world, to save everyone, then on top of that, the people He saved forget about Him and disobey Him and often forget and don’t even seem to care about what He did. Seriously, what the pants are we doing? Why aren’t we thinking of God and what He did for us all the freaking time? Let’s say I was about to be shot, and someone (Just for fun let’s call them Fred) came and saved me. Wouldn’t I think about what Fred had done all the time? I mean, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t stop thinking about Fred’s kindness, bravery and love for me. What God did was way more impressive and awesome than that so why do I sometimes get distracted and stop thinking about what He’s done? I’m so stupid sometimes. I mean really, what am I doing? I need to focus on God more.
Also, the pastor talked about how God so desires a relationship with us. I mean, He’s the CREATOR of the universe and wants to spend time with us and really know Him. The pastor used a quote (I can’t remember who it’s by unfortunately) that said, “God is like a father playing hide and seek with His children and hides in the closet but leaves the door open and sticks His foot out and then coughs really loudly when they walk by.” He wants to get to know us, He longs for that relationship, He wants to be found. That’s how awesome He is.
Hope ♥


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