The Legend of the Titanic

Ok, I know I just wrote about the Titanic and a few months back wrote about the ridiculously cheesy movie, Titanic 2, this post however is to let you know that I’ve found something cheesier. Ever wanted to watch an animated movie with talking mice, levitating and talking dolphins and an octopus that was tricked by a shark into throwing an iceberg at the Titanic? Well, if you have (Which I seriously doubt) then the Legend of the Titanic is for you! And, good news, it’s all on YouTube in 9 parts!
So yeah, this is definitely one of the strangest movies I’ve ever seen. It starts off with some mice talking to their grandfather about the Titanic (Because he was a passenger), then it goes to all the people (humans and mice alike) boarding the Titanic for its maiden (And of course only) voyage. Pretty normal for a kids film right? Well then we meet this girl (Honestly I don’t care enough to remember her name) who has some family drama going on so she starts crying on the deck of the ship. Still an acceptable plot point, fairly normal, whatever, that’s when it gets weird. Real fast. Turns out, her tears have hit a “magical moon beam” causing her to be able to hear all the animals talking. The dolphins down in the water start levitating and then come up and talk to her. Throughout the movie there are murderous subplots, the mice set up the girl with a guy (One of the mice also falls in love with the girl…), the mice rescue the girl and then the sharks (Who have apparently been hired by an evil guy on the ship) trick the octopus underwater into hurling a ginormous iceberg into the Titanic. Yeah. It was weird. But don’t worry! The octopus finds out what he has accidentally done and holds the ship together until everyone is safe! Yep. That’s right. No one dies on the Titanic in this story! But best of all, the moral of the story is said right at the end by the grandpa mouse. “There will always be whale hunting in the world because evil will always be prevalent.” Yep, that would be the end. I really have no idea… It was quite bizarre, however, if you’re in the mood for a cheesy movie (I would watch it in a funny group of people, not alone) then this is the movie for you!
Hope ♥
In case you’re so excited about this you can’t even find it yourself, here is the first part for you all to enjoy!


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