Jensen Ackles is one good looking dude.

Around this time last year I was obsessively going through all of Doctor Who and watching it. The months before that I was watching LOST quite quickly, now I’m onto Supernatural. I briefly mentioned this a few posts back but I’ve been rapidly going through Supernatural, definitely faster than I went through Doctor Who and possibly faster than LOST. I started over Spring Break, after it had been on my list for a very long time. My best friend has been obsessed with it for a while and it had actually been on my list to watch over summer but after watching all of Gilmore Girls, Modern Family, Sherlock and Heroes and reading a lot over the summer, I ran out of time. I wish I had put that first on my list though because it’s amazing! And there are a lot of seasons so I should’ve watched it when I was free, not when I was also needing to do school work.
Anyways, I started at the end of Spring Break because I was finally intrigued enough that I couldn’t wait any longer. It kept popping up on Tumblr and all the fandoms of Doctor Who, Sherlock and Supernatural have been trying to make SuperWho and SuperWhoLock a thing. It seems like a great crossover to me! Anyways, I’ve started and now I can’t stop. I’m completely in love with the series (and with Jensen Ackles, AKA Dean Winchester :D) and the characters. It’s brilliant! At this point I’m almost done with the 4th series and I’m beginning to wonder if I’ll make it due to a heavy work load this next week and a half but I’m trying desperately to catch up in time for the premiere of the next episode on April 20. We’ll see how close I get.
Anyways, that was my pointless post for the day. Do any of you watch Supernatural? Have extreme addictions to TV? Let me know! :)
Hope ♥


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8 responses to “Jensen Ackles is one good looking dude.”

  1. steosphere says :

    Supernatural is an amazing show! I still have yet to start season six so I’m a fair distance behind everybody else but it’s such a great, atmospheric show that obviously benefits from Jensen Ackles’ refined sexiness!

  2. Victoria-writes says :

    I LOVE Supernatural! I’ve watched it all so far, it’s fab and yes I’m totally in love with Sam and Dean :)

  3. JenJen says :

    I love Supernatural and Jensen Ackles!!! I’ve watched it from day one and have never missed an episode – it should come with a warning ‘THIS SHOW IS ADDICTIVE’

  4. Pam says :

    I know what you mean about being addicted to this show. Never have I ever been drawn to a television show like Supernatural. I hits you on so many levels. I have watched all 6 seasons, 4 times now. And I am someone who does not like to watch repeats.

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