One Day Without Shoes 2012

Last year around this time I wrote a post discussing the TOMS shoes One Day Without Shoes initiative ( and this year it’s that time again. Yesterday, April 10, 2012 was the day chosen for the event and there had been much talk of it for months. Many college campus’ all over the country had events for it (Including mine but I was at work for barefoot walk) including walks, barbecues and honestly I’m not sure what else. In my opinion it’s a really cool event because it is trying to raise awareness about how many kids around the world go without shoes daily. I admit that it wasn’t as hard for me as it was for many to go without shoes, it was a nice day and honestly I enjoy going barefoot when it’s warm out, I do it almost every day actually so it wasn’t that big a deal for me to do but I do really support the organization and mission behind it and I definitely realize if I didn’t have the option for shoes it would be quite hard. TOMS website had this statement about it saying, “On April 10, 2012, go without shoes so kids don’t have to.” Yes, I did have to put them on for the four hours I went to work (My boss would not have appreciated my walking around the financial aid office barefoot) but the rest of the day I was barefoot (Oh, I also had to put them on to go to the dining hall, but that’s it!). It was really cool, I definitely got some looks and was even able to discuss it with some people. Unfortunately I didn’t see a whole lot of others doing the same but there were some and hopefully there were more that I didn’t see.
If you want to know more about the project, or donate to TOMS, here are their websites: and
By the way, for those who don’t know, TOMS has really cool shoes and for every pair bought, a pair is donated to children without shoes. Unfortunately I don’t own a pair right now due to my current financial situation but the second I can afford them I will buy a pair!
I hope you’re all having a lovely week!
Hope ♥


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