So everyone who has read my blog at least a few times has probably realized my extreme love of fantasy worlds. This of course includes TV shows, books, movies, I love all of them. It’s true, I rarely live in reality, I wish my life was fiction. :) Anyways, being so in love with fictional stories also gets me to be quite emotionally invested in fictional characters. Even more specifically, fictional couples. I love them. I need them to be together, I’m a huge “shipper” if you will, (One who deeply wishes for a fictional relationship to be together). It happens with a lot of things, Ron and Hermione (Harry Potter) Lily and Snape (Yep, I’m a Snily shipper), Ned and Chuck (Pushing Daisies), Jim and Pam (The Office), Shawn and Juliet (Psych) and many more, but, my favorite of all couples, my OTP (One True Pairing) will forever be Rory Williams and Amy Pond (Doctor Who). I love them. They’re absolutely perfect for each other, they bring out the best in each other and their relationship can’t help but make you smile. Sure, the first few episodes Rory seemed a little like a normal goofy guy who wasn’t anything special, but then you realize later on that he is the sweetest, most loving character possibly in all of fiction. Who else would wait 2,000 years for the woman he loves? Who would go up against all the Cybermen to save his wife and daughter? Rory BAMF Williams is who. He’s perfect.
This has been a post of my Doctor Who feelings. That is all.
Hope ♥

Supernatural Watching Update: Season 2 is finished, season 3 will be started immediately.


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2 responses to “My OTP”

  1. slytherpuffclawkim says :

    Every single one of these that I watch/read, I agree with. Especially Psych. And especially Harry Potter. Oh and Doctor Who. And can’t forget Pushing Dasies. Oh, who am I kidding, I agree with all of these!!!

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