Girls Frustrate Me

Yes, since I am a girl this post is admittedly a bit oddly titled but really, overall I don’t like girls. I know this is a broad statement to make but let’s think about it, girls (on average) are highly, over-emotional. Girls turn everything into drama. Girls cry too much and we feel too much. Girls like chick flicks and sappy books and stories. Girls don’t think with our heads, we think with our hearts far too much. A majority of girls play stupid, silly games to make over girls jealous or to lead guys on. We get taken in by those games and we trust people even when we shouldn’t. Yes, I realize I am guilty of some of these things but I hate it. I don’t like acting like a girl, it frustrates me and I don’t like when I’m around girls that act like that. That’s why I’m so glad that opposed to last year as much as I loved my floor, that this year I’m on a co-ed floor that allows me to hang with guys basically whenever I want.
This is a short and angry sounding post I realize, but these reasons are why I like hanging out with guys far more than I like hanging out with girls. Guys don’t usually complicate things and they’re frankly more fun to be with. So while I do have about 5 close girl friends, I could easily hang out with only guys besides those 5 for the rest of my life and be happy. Girls tend to stick to their stereotype of being mean and turning on people. As much as I hate it and always try to give people a chance anyways, I keep learning the hard way there aren’t a whole lot of girls that you won’t get hurt with.


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I'm learning to love and be and grow up and things are hard but God is always so good.

8 responses to “Girls Frustrate Me”

  1. Hudson Gay says :

    Interesting thoughts. I haven’t personally had problems with the few female friends I have (with a few exceptions), but maybe that’s cause I’m a dude, and am pretty much content hanging out with any other guy (or gal, I try to think of myself as being sociable). Do you think that it’s just because as such, I haven’t met as many girls and thus haven’t experienced this, or is it because the interactions are different based on gender?

    • elvishjesusfreak says :

      Yeah, I feel like girls tend to act different around guys most of the time so you probably haven’t experienced it too much. Around other girls though some girls are just plain mean. :/

  2. gratefulmomsofmany says :

    Yep, that was how it was for me when I was younger and now in my 30s still true. I will say this though the few female relationships I have been able to form have been amazing and the bond has been water tight lasting for, in some cases, decades. I couldn’t handle “girl drama” then and I don’t have the time or desire for it now. Boys make great friends and usually watch better television, enjoy. ; )

    • elvishjesusfreak says :

      I completely agree! I mean, the few girls I do enjoy hanging out with are amazing and I wouldn’t trade them for the world but I much rather would hang with guys! And they do watch better tv, it’s very true! :)

  3. Coryn says :

    Not sure if this is in anyway related. But I tend to experience the flip side of this. (flip side in that i’m a guy)
    Finding it far easier to hang out with girls than with other guys. Which is a complete reversal from how I was just a few years ago. And perhaps women are crazy. But men tend to be so far on the opposite side of the scale that it’s just as repungent. As they say. The grass is always greener.

  4. graveyardsandgrasslands says :

    lol! It sounds to me like you don’t like the stereotype of a typical ‘girl’… girls are great…. except when they take ages in the bathroom – When I see the huge queues that’s when I hate being a girl… it takes 30 seconds to pee… not twenty minutes!!!

    I like your randomness!

    xx GnG xx

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