You know you want to know more about me, right?

Ok, ok, this is kind of cop-out blog post that really took not a lot of thought on my part but I found this survey on Tumblr and I actually really liked it! So, here we go. And besides, I’ve been writing good posts recently, so you can forgive me for this one right?
Hope ♥
1. Picture of yourself

I know, I'm pretty attractive when I take pictures with my sister.

2: A description of my self-esteem
Not good. It could be worse but not good. I don’t think people like me and I don’t really see why they should. I know God made me wonderfully and I like that about myself but I don’t think my personality is that great. I need to be stronger and stand up for myself. Also, I don’t think anyone will ever be in love with me.
3: My favorite book
This is a hard decision but it’s between Harry Potter, the Chronicles of Narnia and the Fault In Our Stars by John Green.
4: Biggest Turn Offs
Smoking, disrespect
5: Biggest Turn Ons
Having the same morals, being respectful, being nice to everyone. The cliché things I suppose.
6: Most famous person you’ve met
…. No one. Hence me making up a story of meeting a celebrity last week.
7: What I want to be when I’m older
An F.B.I. agent!
8: My relationship(s) with my sibling(s)
Great. I love my little sister to death!
9: Relationship status?
Very single. But trying to be content.
10: What I did yesterday
Went to class, broke out into Hakuna Matata at lunch with Carrie, and went to work and folded letters and helped at the front desk, finished a paper and watched Supernatural. :)
11: What I’m doing today
Going to class where I’ll turn in a paper and work where I’ll answer phones or work the front desk, watching more Supernatural then going to Bible study!
12: What I’m doing tomorrow
Class and work and Supernatural. I live an uber exciting life let me tell you.
13: Most embarrassing moment
At church camp two years ago, my friend Tat and I were walking up a hill. We had just gotten out of the lake so we were quite wet and I was wearing flip-flops, I took a step (On the gravel sidewalk of course) and my flip-flop strap broke. I went tumbling down face first and scraped my knee quite nicely. Of course we were also in front of the entire boys cabin where my crush at the time was standing. Good times.
14: Description of who I like
That’s just not gonna happen on here. Sorry. He’s a boy. There you go.
15: Biggest insecurities?
Being vulnerable and weak.
16: Something I wish I could change about myself
My confidence.
17: I’ll love you if…
You’re a friend and you’re nice.
18: Something I’m really good at
Being a friend, and being there for people.
19: Something I’m really bad at
Sports. Telling stories. Being talented. You know, most things. :)
20: What I wish for at 11:11
21: A reason I’ve lied to a friend
I can’t think of a time when I have really. I don’t like people lying to me so why would I lie to them?
22: Favorite Movie
(500) Days of Summer, all the Lord of the Rings movies and all Harry Potters as well.
23: Something that has made you mad recently.
Girls just being petty. More on that later.
24: A random fact about yourself
I get quite addicted to TV shows quite quickly. I made a list the other day and currently watch 14 shows, including Supernatural which I just started so now I have about 7 seasons to catch up with. Probably not the best but there are worse things I could be doing right?


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