I Cannot Cook

I believe I’ve mentioned before (in my post this summer about how I burnt cupcakes with my best friend) how I cannot cook. I know right? I’m a girl, a woman, I should be able to cook. It’s my job right? Wrong. First of all, that’s a sexist idea so get that out of your head. Second, if that is the truth then I’m screwed and will never find love (Which let’s face it, I might be anyways and this lack of cooking thing is not helpful in curing that) because I cannot cook. I can make Mac and Cheese. I can stick things in the microwave and they turn out ok (Well.. most of the time, there have been a few times I’ve burned that too..) and that is literally it. I think my only options for later in life are to:
A. Marry a man that can cook. (And doesn’t mind it)
B. Become rich and be able to hire a chef.
C. Live on Mac and Cheese and food that doesn’t need cooking the rest of my life.
D. Become rich (Or at least have enough money) to eat out all the time.
E. Steal other people’s food.
Obviously that last one is not a real option… But really, I think the other ones are what I’ll have to do. Or maybe I should just take time and learn to not burn/destroy food. But nah, that one doesn’t sound like fun. That sounds like too much effort. We’ll go with the other options. ;)
Hope ♥

P.S. In other news, I started another TV show the other day (Yeah yeah. I know. Why would you start another TV show when you already watch FAR too many?) but my best friend had been telling me to watch Supernatural for a long time and I finally listened. And oh man, best decision ever. So good. And those boys are so attractive. Jensen Ackles. What a hottie.


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I'm learning to love and be and grow up and things are hard but God is always so good.

5 responses to “I Cannot Cook”

  1. Victoria-writes says :

    Supernatural – yay, love it and am in love with Sam and Dean!

  2. Hudson says :

    Just keep at it, and increase the repertoire of food you can cook! I personally am in the same boat, though I’m more interested in learning to grill than ‘cook’. Not being able to cook is part of the reason I love the dorms. Why cook, when you can have delicious meals made for you in the Derb?!



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