3/16/2012 ~ Dear Future Husband

Dear Future Husband,
This week has been a bit stressful because it’s midterm time, 3 tests and a paper later, at the end of this week I’m feeling much better than when I started it. Through it, God has been giving a lot of patience and I’m starting to be more content with things. I know that no matter what I’m going through, happiness, sadness, waiting for you, God is with me through it all. And through that I can be content.
I love you!
Hope Kristen

From To My Future Spouse Tumblr:
– A relationship will not make us happy or solve all of our problems. We must find contentment alone before we can have it with another.

– God’s got this :)

– I’m fighting for you everyday. I fight by staying close to Jesus. I fight by letting Him soften my heart to love like He does. I fight by completely surrendering to His will. I fight by listening to the still small voice.

– Hey, whoever you are.
I know you’re out there, and I may have already met you.
We’re going to be so in love.
We’re going to be ridiculously cute.
We’re going to act silly together.
We’ll have many deep talks together.
We’ll run in the rain together, hand in hand.
We’ll go everywhere.
You be Darcy. I’ll be Lizzie. A regular Albert and Victoria.
You be you. I’ll be me.
Our kids will see our love and dream of finding love like we have for each other.
We’ll take our kids everywhere we’ve been, and more.
We’ll leave the kids home to explore new territory, just us, like when we were young.
We’ll sleep when we’re done with all the excitement the day has to offer. Then we’ll fall asleep on each other, with my hand on your chest and your arms caressing me.
Our love will be passionate, steamy, and outrageously goofy.
We’ll wake up to each other.
We’ll be a team.
We’ll be obedient to God.
We’ll see so much together.
I can’t wait….
to experience the world with you

– My heartbeat rises each time someone mentions your name.

– I cannot wait to see your face as I walk down the aisle. Don’t be ashamed to cry or tear up a little, because behind my veil, I know I will too. Besides, if you tear up just a little, it would totally be the cutest thing ever.

– You’ll be the reason I’m not sad anymore.


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