Top 25 Songs (Of Right Now)

As someone who is basically addicted to music, I thought that maybe I should share my current favorite songs. Now, keep in mind I listen to a lot of music and I go through periods where I constantly listen to only one band on repeat but I’ve gotten into a few more bands recently and have been pretty addicted to them as of late. So, without further ado, here is my current list of top 25 songs.

25. Loverboy – You Me at Six
Ok, You Me at Six has been my favorite band for a while now and their new CD “Sinners Never Sleep” has definitely not been a disappointment. This song is an example how awesome it is. :)
24. Creeping Up the Backstairs – The Fratellis
I just found out about the Fratellis recently and I’ve completely fallen in love with them. They’re amazing.
23. The Beat – Ben Rector
My friend Jc introduced me to Ben Rector and he’s super good. In concert especially this man is amazing. Any of his songs really are great.
22. Lonely Boy – The Black Keys
This song makes me all kinds of happy. And makes me want to dance.
21. Techno Fan – The Wombats
Ok, yes. I realize that half of this list are British bands but they’re so good! And this song fills me with joy.
20. I Will Follow You Into the Dark – Death Cab for Cutie
This song is just awesome. Enough said. Plus it’s super cool when Jc and Kyle play their guitars and sing it in our lobby.
19. Hold On to What You Believe – Mumford & Sons
This song is on the bonus tracks of their album but I found it on YouTube and fell in love. Which is how I feel about everything Mumford & Sons has ever done.
18. Contagious Chemistry – You Me at Six
Ack. I just love every song by them.17. Girl Named Tennessee – Needtobreathe
This song is a little leaning on the country-side of things which would usually make me run away in horror (Ok. Fine. That was an exaggeration… I just hate country music.) but this song is great, upbeat and wonderful.
16. Takes One to Know One – You Me at Six
Again, I just love everything they’ve ever done.
15. Prisoner – Needtobreathe
This song is awesome. Seriously. Go listen to it now. Actually, go listen to any of these you haven’t heard right now. But Needtobreathe is quickly becoming one of my favorites. Especially since seeing them in concert, they’re freaking amazing.
14. Fluorescent Adolescent – Artic Monkeys
Kyle was singing this one day in our lobby so I looked it up and immediately fell in love. It’s so catchy too.
13. Lay ‘Em Down – Needtobreathe
Not only is this song amazing in sound but the lyrics are meaningful and true and heartfelt. I just love it. And I feel like it provides a lot of encouragement for me too.
12. The Cave – Mumford & Sons
Again, everything they do is perfection.
11. Reckless – You Me at Six
10. Jaws on the Floor – You Me at Six
Ok, I still don’t know what more I can say about You Me at Six except you all better look them up. Because they’re perfect.
9. White Blank Page – Mumford & Sons
This song. Oh this song. It’s so sweet and beautiful. Their lyrics are just so gorgeous, poetic and heartfelt. *Sigh* I love them. And their sound! It’s all perfect.
8. Playing the Blame Game – You Me at Six
I love it.
7. Dustbowl Dance – Mumford & Sons
This song has the most gorgeous instruments and lyrics. The first time I heard it was this summer sitting under the stars by a bonfire in complete silence with my friends. Perfect.
6. The Dilemma – You Me at Six
5. Winds of Change – Fitz and the Tantrum
Ok so one of my friends posted this song on Facebook the other day and though I hadn’t previously heard of Fitz and the Tantrums, after this song I fell very much in love with them.
4. Oohs and Ahhs – Needtobreathe
They sang this at the concert I went to on Sunday and I hadn’t heard it before but since then it’s become one of my favorites. The lead singers voice is perfect.
3. Chelsea Dagger – The Fratellis
This is another one by the Fratellis and I actually found this song because my friend Chelsea decided to look up songs with her name in them. I’ve become deeply obsessed with this song since then. No regrets.
2. Safer to Hate Her- You Me at Six.
Probably my favorite by them. It’s splendid. :)
1. The Enemy – Mumford & Sons
So I accidentally found this song on YouTube once and while I discovered it’s from the new movie Wuthering Heights, I can’t find the movie anywhere and I can’t find anywhere to buy this song. Which is quite maddening as this might be my favorite song of all time. So I’m stuck listening to it on endless repeat on YouTube. But it’s so perfect. They need another CD. Now.

Ok, so I hope that introduced you to at least some music maybe you hadn’t heard before. :)
Hope ♥


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4 responses to “Top 25 Songs (Of Right Now)”

  1. Hudson Gay says :

    I have the new Arctic Monkeys album, if you wanna listen to it sometime with me. :-)
    I’m off to bed, sorry we haven’t hung out, but I’ve been pretty exhausted the past few days.
    Till then, cheerio!

  2. Victoria-writes says :

    I need to check out You me at Six and Needtobretahe. I’m not a massive Mumford fan but I like that you love British bands so much!

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