3/9/2012 ~ Dear Future Husband

Dear Future Husband,
I don’t have anything much new to say today that I haven’t said before other than as usual, I love and miss you deeply. One thing I will add though is lately I’ve been in the mood to go on an adventure. When we’re together, can we please just go exploring? It doesn’t have to be far away or an expensive trip, just doing something spur of the moment together will be good enough for me.
I love you!
Hope Kristen

From To My Future Spouse Tumblr:
– I want to know without asking that you love Jesus more than anything. And your only purpose in life is to follow Him. I’m sure we’ll meet along the way.

– Praying for you is a privilege I’ll never take for granted.

– Don’t worry…I’m not going to let anyone change me before I find you,
because I know you love me just the way I am.

– I don’t care about your past or what happened back then; all of that is unimportant. I’ll love you to the ends of Earth no matter what.

– I can’t wait until we’re the old couple that grosses everyone out because we still like to make out every now and then.

– You will be the one to know why I’m crying.
You will be the one to know what to say.
You will be the one to make everyday special.
And you’ll be the reason why I experience love everyday!
Yes, you’ll come unprepared,
And so will I.
But we’ll be so ready,
When we choose to ride or die.
You won’t be perfect
But you’ll sparkle in my eyes.
And when it gets to the end and I die.
I’ll be deep inside your heart so you won’t have to cry.
This is my love note,
From I to you.
I’ll always be ready for your question,
And yes I’ll say I do.

– I pray for your heart every day.


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I'm learning to love and be and grow up and things are hard but God is always so good.

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  1. writetothem says :

    If you ever want to write another “to my future husband” letter, please consider sending it in to us? Check the blog for more info :)

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