Nostalgic for Something I’ve Never Had

I have this terrible habit of watching Tv shows and reading books that portray wonderful happy families where the kids are close to the parents and the whole family is happy and healthy, such as Parenthood and Gilmore Girls. These are wonderful shows that are witty, emotional and good stories but they make me wish I had a relationship with my parents like these kids do, or that my family, other than my sister and I, were close at all. I’m almost nostalgic feeling about it which is ridiculous since I’ve never had that feeling. I do hope that someday when I start my own family that it’ll feel that way, I think it would be super nice to have a close family that enjoyed spending time with each other. I’m grateful to have my friends that I feel like that with this year, Jared, Carrie and Chelsea are the closest I’ve ever come to feeling completely like a family and 100% comfortable with each other, I know I can tell them anything at all and anytime and they’ll care. I feel like a family with the rest of West 5 too and some of my other friends from back home and from last year, but those three in particular, especially with the fact that we all share such a strong faith together and we provide so much encouragement for each other, it’s brilliant. And I really hope that someday when I have a husband and kids, I can experience this wonderful close feeling with actual blood relations. I’m tired of just wishing I had it. Though I do wish I could feel this way with my current family, maybe someday.
Hope ♥


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I'm learning to love and be and grow up and things are hard but God is always so good.

2 responses to “Nostalgic for Something I’ve Never Had”

  1. Hudson says :

    I was going to pull a leaf from my Cultural Studies book and explain how this relates to post-modernism, but I’ll refrain from doing so. If you’re looking for the definition, you can find it here:

    Or for something more fun:

    Links and intellectual jokes aside, I’ve had (and mentioned) problems with my kin before, but I’m afraid not to the extent you have. (In the sense that I can’t as readily provide advice.) Anyways, I wish you luck on building a relationship with your family, or creating a new one somewhere down the road.

    Ta-ta for now,

    – Hudson

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