A Survey – Because those are super entertaining to read I’m sure.

I found this survey on one of my favorite blogs and decided it was a good idea! :)

28 Secrets:
What is your display name about? I love Lord of the Rings and Jesus.
Where was your default picture taken? My college campus.
What is your current relationship status? Single and trying to patient.
If someone were to tell you how they felt, would you listen? Yes. I always try to listen to everyone!
What’s your current mood? In love with Jesus.
Are you musically inclined? I like to listen to music? If that’s what you’re asking. Though I do sing some and in Show choir in High School I sang some solos.
Name something that happened to you today?
What’s the first thing you notice about the opposite sex? Eyes. Especially bright ones, like blue or green. :)
Is there someone on your mind right now? Yes.
What hurts at the moment? My knee. I don’t know why but it does a lot and has since Wednesday.

Serious Questions:
Would you shave your head if someone in your family asked you to because they had cancer? Family, probably not. Non-blood related family (Like West 5) yes.
Did the person who hurt you most in your life apologize? Not at all. I don’t expect to ever get one.
Are you good at hiding your feelings? Too good really, unless they read my blog I doubt anyone realizes how depressed I get sometimes.
Are you wasting your time on someone? Probably yeah.
Last thing that made you cry? I don’t know. I rarely cry. It makes me too weak.
Do you think you’ll be married in ten years? 30? I sure hope so. I don’t want to think about if I’m not, I mean, it’s God’s plan no matter what but I want to be much sooner than that.
How many funerals have you been to in your lifetime? Like 4, but I only really remember 2.
How often do you think about suicide? Not often, and never about myself just for the record.
What do you want to believe in? Jesus.
Do you have a secret crush on somebody? Secret? Not so much. A crush? Most definitely. :/
Are you proud of who you are? I’m working on it.
You are dying in ten seconds. What are the last words you say to your best friend? Um. I’m not sure?
…to your worst enemy? I don’t have a worst enemy really.
Freedom or safety: Freedom, most definitely. What fun is safety?
Think of a random person and give them a message here, no names: I wish you knew how much I cared about you. I don’t think you’ll ever know what you’ve done for me and how you’ve helped me. I’m so glad you’re in my life.
Has a song ever made you cry? Um, Come Thou Fount has made me cry on occasion just realizing how much God has done for me and how often I don’t do things for Him.
Has a book ever made you cry? Deathly Hallows.
Name one moment where you couldn’t control your rage: I don’t think that’s ever happened really.
Name one moment when you sincerely just wanted to die: I don’t think that’s ever really happened, I’ve been really depressed in the past but never wanted to die.

(More) Personal and In-Depth Survey:

What are some things that you consider a waste of time? Drama, biggest time waster I know of. It just causes problems. Why have it?
What feeling do you have the most difficulty in expressing? A lot of them. I mean some people I can express my sad feelings to but not most people. I’m not very emotional most of the time so I just don’t talk about my deep feelings to almost anyone. I also have a hard time with like confrontational feelings, I don’t feel them often but when I do I often don’t confront people like I should. Also, I’m not always good with telling people how I feel when I should really…
How do you think you would handle yourself in a crisis? I hope I would do well. Depending on the crisis.
Do you make your bed? Yes. Always. It bothers me otherwise.
If you had the power to shape shift, what would you turn into first? Um… I’ve honestly never thought about it.
Does any particular season make you happier than others? Spring and fall. They just feel so lovely, and it’s not too cold but not to hot and you can wear cute clothes and dressed but still jeans too. It’s great. :)
Do you enjoy hugging people / receiving hugs? YES! Oh so much. I wish more people would give me hugs. :) They’re my favorite.
What would you be famous for? Being an awesome FBI agent.
What is a talent you wished you possessed? I wish I could play an instrument. Or really have a talent actually..

Ok, that was kind of not that entertaining probably but hopefully you learned more about me that was somewhat interesting!
Hope ♥


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I'm learning to love and be and grow up and things are hard but God is always so good.

4 responses to “A Survey – Because those are super entertaining to read I’m sure.”

  1. Hudson says :

    I haven’t written any non-poetic stuff on my blog as of late, so I’m stealing this topic from you. I put up the hamster poem (and a few new ones) on my blog, and will probably put it on Carrie’s wall as well. :)

  2. slytherpuffclawkim says :

    I love it when I do something and then another person likes it enough to do it too. :)

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