The Grateful Ramblings of a Jesus-loving Nerdighter.

Even though I already posted today, for some reason I’m inspired to post again, I’m just in the mood to write. About what, I’m not quite sure yet but perhaps it will end with a point, and if not, I can just you can just not pay attention. Anyways, I’m sitting at work now and maybe it’s because it’s almost the weekend, maybe it’s because I was up til almost 2am talking with Kyle, Chelsea and Jared about the awesome love of God or maybe it’s because Navigators is having a night of prayer for five hours tonight that I’m super excited about but, whatever it is, today I just feel uber hopeful. I mean, why not I suppose? I just listed off several reasons to be happy and I have so many more, I get to eat lunch with a dear friend I hardly get to see tomorrow, I don’t have a lot of homework for the weekend, I’m surrounded by wonderful people that I love and that love me, I have 61 subscribers to this blog and more viewers that I’m so grateful for, I’m loved by God, I’m alive and well, I’m blessed enough to go to a wonderful college, I have a job (don’t think about how I keep screwing up while answering the phones, I do well most of the time), I don’t go hungry, I have clothes (even clothes that I enjoy). God is awesome.
Ok, what else can I randomly talk about right now? Well. Tonight our dorm floor is having a tournament of the card game Spoons. It’s been forever since I’ve played and I don’t remember anything about it but I’ve heard its fun so that’ll be cool then after that several of us are going to the Navigators prayer night which I’m super stoked for! I think it’ll be a great time of fellowship and just to really get a chance to be alone to talk to God and worship Him. The rest of my weekend will include doing laundry, catching up with a friend at lunch tomorrow, catching up on TV shows with some friends and doing the small amount of homework I need to.
Oh! One more thing (Then I just have a little bit til I’m off of work for the weekend!!), I know tihs book has been out forever and I’m a Nerdfighter so I totally should’ve gotten to this sooner but I just ordered, received and finished “Looking for Alaska” by John Green. Oh my freaking pants. So good. So sad and heartbreaking but that book was beautiful. As if I could love John Green anymore. Everyone should definitely read it!
Ok, I’m done with this weird and random post but hopefully someone enjoyed it.
I love you all dear readers!
Hope ♥


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I'm learning to love and be and grow up and things are hard but God is always so good.

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