An Update On My Life

So I realized that while I’ve written several times since the semester has started, I haven’t actually mentioned how my semester is going, and as I can’t currently think of anything else to write, that is precisely what I shall do right now. :)
Ok, so my work load for the semester isn’t terrible, I’m taking 15 credit hours and working about 20 hours a week at the financial aid office. Last week, the first week of the semester was crazy at the office but it’s slowed down considerably and I actually don’t think this semester will be that hard. My classes are for the most part interesting, Expository Writing 2 (obviously I enjoy writing and my friend Angel is in there with me), U.S. History since 1877 (History is always interesting to me), Natural Disasters (Super boring but shouldn’t be too difficult and I have several friends in there!), Prisons and Punishment (Don’t look at me weird! I’m a Criminology major!), and my favorite, Philosophy of Law (It seems like it might be a bit hard but my awesome RA Kyle is in there and it’s uber interesting!). So yeah, hopefully I’ll be able to get all A’s this semester, which I obviously would prefer all the time and most definitely need after my terrible semester last fall from my Anthropology class… Yuck. Moving on from that..
It’s been super fun to be back on a schedule and even though I’m working every week day from either 1-5 or 1:30-5 so I feel super busy, its great being back home here! I’ve been hanging out with friends some and of course causing more shenanigans with Jared and our lightsabers.
I can already tell this will be an amazing semester and it’s cool seeing how encouraging God has been, as you can tell from my recent posts God has been just showing me super amazing things and I’m back to having the wonderful encouragement from my friends on a regular basis.
That’s about it really but I’m definitely looking forward to seeing all the awesome things God has planned for this year! I’m gonna take advantage of this semester and make it the best one yet. :)
I hope you’re all doing well also!
Hope ♥


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I'm learning to love and be and grow up and things are hard but God is always so good.

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