1/20/2012 ~ Dear Future Husband

Dear Future Husband,
This has been a week full of ups and downs. It’s my first week back in classes and it’s been really stressful and at times I’ve gotten pretty hopeless again about whether I’ll find you. Thanks to some friends though, I’ve realized that you are out there somewhere and while I really wish you were here now, I’m starting to be ok with the fact that you’re not yet. God has perfect timing and it will be worth every bit of the wait til we’re together. I love you already and I pray for you daily.

From To My Future Spouse Tumblr:
– I wish you could see how wonderful you really are. Believe in yourself. You’re amazing. Let me show you?

– I have been waiting for you since I was a little girl. And lately I’ve been so lovestruck over you. I feel as though I’m already in love with you, even though I haven’t even met you yet. I pray for you all the time. That God will bless you with the most wonderful of days. I pray that He’ll bring us together soon though I know His timing is good. I cannot wait to show my love for you. To bake for you and surprise you with anything I know you’ll love. I am most excited to make you feel loved. I know what I need from you based on relationships I’ve settled for in the past. It isn’t anything too specific or hard to follow. But I feel I’ll know it’s you whenever you come around. I cannot wait to meet you. Until then, I hope you have such a great day, everyday; because you deserve it.

– I met a guy at my university. He has pretty much blown my mind with how kind, generous, attentive, and good looking he is. He seems like just what I’ve always hoped for, and I can’t help wondering if he is you. It’s okay if he isn’t, though, because if he seems so perfect yet he’s not for me, then I can hardly wait to see how much more amazing you will be.
Hurry up and find me, my love.

– Waltz with me.

– If you ask me a questions, I’ll most likely answer with a fitting movie quote or lines from a song. It’s annoying, but hey…that’s me.

– You don’t have to be as suave as Cary Grant to win my heart. In fact, your shyness and your awkwardness help me to feel less intimidated.
I love you just the way you are.

– Last week, I bought my first purity ring. I cannot wait to give it to you on our wedding day. You will be my first boyfriend and my first love. I cannot wait to share such beautiful things with you. I’ve waited 19 years for you, and I cannot wait until the day I finally get to meet you. I can finally live with someone who has a relationship with God like me. It’s been a rough ride without you.

– You will be my number 2. I know you understand why, and would happily accept why.
Number one will always be God.
Hey, it’s the same way with you, anyway.


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