The One Time I Was Persuasive

Ok, so for my English class this semester I had to write about a time when I was successfully persuasive. Unfortunately, being myself I really couldn’t think of a time that I was. I finally thought about it for a while and decided to tell the story of when Jared and I were Fake RAs on my dorm floor last semester. (Sad right? In 20 years of life I have one interesting story to tell? I’m pathetic.) Anyways, as I was reasonably proud of my attempt at writing this I thought I might share it. Plus I’m dying of sleep exhaustion and too tired to write a real post. I promise, this weekend I’ll write about how my first week of school has been!

As a 20 year old college student, one would probably assume that there have been plenty of persuasive experiences for me to choose from to write this paper. Unfortunately, I’m one of the least persuasive people you will ever meet so I had to think long and hard to even find one experience. I ended up thinking of two times in my life I’ve successfully persuaded people but I decided to write this paper about the more entertaining of the two.
My story is about this past October, Halloween weekend to be exact. I live in the dorms and both my RAs, Kyle and Kendra were gone for the weekend. Being Halloween weekend, and also homecoming weekend, this was of course the worst weekend for the Ras to be gone. We fortunately have a very well behaved floor so nothing really was going to happen but I decided that Ras were a must. Almost immediately after the two left, I texted both Kyle and Kendra and asked them if I could be in charge for the weekend, they both said yes and suggested I convince another resident to be my co RA. Right away I decided one of my best friends, Jared would be the best choice for the job. I knew that he would help me enforce the rules with the fake power that we were now wielding and I was also hopeful that he would help me cause several well-mannered shenanigans. I asked if he was up for the fake RA job and immediately he said yes.
Throughout the weekend, we enthusiastically maintained our fake jobs as RAs but I wanted to take it a step farther and cause some shenanigans with our fake RA power. Naturally the next step in our adventure was to put on blankets as capes and run around with my plastic lightsaber, yelling at the residents that we had the power and they should obey whatever we say, including putting up posters, posing for ridiculous pictures and calling Jared and I RAs.
It took quite a bit of persuading for some of the students to take us seriously (or as serious as one could take two college students in fleece blankets with lightsabers) but eventually after much persuading on my part, I finally convinced the majority of our floor to respect us. After a while they even took quite a liking to our capes and lightsabers.
Now I realize this is probably not the most persuasive story anyone has ever told but I’m afraid this is literally the best I have to tell due to my un-persuasiveness. I am currently working on being more persuasive in my life however and hopefully soon I will have many other stories to tell.

For the post about my RA adventure:


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