1/13/2012 ~ Dear Future Husband

Dear Future Husband,
How on earth is it possible for me to miss someone I don’t even know yet? I don’t know the answer to that but I know I do. Love is so prevalent everywhere you look. Movies, songs, books, TV, it’s everywhere. I’m not sure you can go even an hour without hearing about love. And not just love but sweet, sappy, romantic love that while I usually deny being a romantic and wanting, secretly (or not so secretly since I’m posting this on the internet) I want it more than anything. I’ve said it before and it’s true, I’m working on being patient. I really am. I’m doing my very best to focus on God’s plan for me and not think constantly of you and who you might be but no matter what I’m doing you plague my mind. I want to know you, I want to be held by you, loved by you. I want to be your friend and the one who means the most to you (besides Jesus). I love you and I can’t wait to know who you are.
I’m waiting (as patiently as I can) for you and I love you with all my heart already.
Hope ♥

From To My Future Spouse Tumblr:
– I’ll be the Princess Leia to your Han Solo.

– “Do not arouse or awaken love, until it so desires.” song of songs 8:4
“Delight yourself in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart.” Psalm 37:4
I am waiting so patiently for you. These verses are my encouragement from the Lord. <3
Your future Wife

– We’ll be a winning team…me, you, and Jesus. Done and done.

– I dream, I dream, I dream of you.

– You and you alone are all I want right now.

– Can we cuddle on the couch in the mornings, while reading our Bibles and sipping on coffee?
Because doing my favorite things with the love of my life will make mornings much easier to bear.
Your Future Wife

– Be my Mr. Darcy?

Found this one on a different Tumblr but I hope against all hopes that you might be able to feel this way about me. – "A beautiful girl can make you dizzy, like you've been drinking Jack and Coke all morning. She can make you feel high; full of the single greatest commodity known to man: promise. Promise of a better day. Promise of a greater hope. Promise of a new tomorrow. This particular aura can be found in the gait of a beautiful girl. In her smile and in her soul.. and the way she makes every rotten little thing about life seem like it's going to be okay."

I want this too, gosh, why am I so sappy right now? – "If you were mine, I’d kiss your ankles and neck and the tip of your nose. I’d bring you film canisters filled with love notes and interesting books and I’d send you texts with random facts whenever I discovered something new. I’d show up at your house at midnight with a pot of your favourite kind of tea and a blanket and tell you to come down so we could lie down on your lawn and look at the stars. I’d go into the city with you and throw away your map and search for someplace beautiful. I’d photograph you every day. I’d buy you baggy t-shirts and sing to you constantly. I’d give you your space if you wanted it, I’d make you mixes for every week we’d been together, I’d hold your hand underwater, and I’d love you until you asked me not to." – Camryn Pulaski Day


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