1/6/2011 ~ Dear Future Husband

Dear Future Husband,
Today my college is playing in the Cotton Bowl. So many people on my Facebook have statuses about it and while I don’t care about football in the least, it makes me wonder if you do. If you do that’s fine with me but I hope you’ll understand that I don’t care. If you want to watch it, I’m fine with that and I’ll probably watch it with you sometimes just to be near you but I hope you’ll be ok with my constant questions about it.
Another random thing, today I’ve been feeling bad all day and it’s made me think of how it might be someday when I have you to take care of me. Obviously I don’t need anyone to take care of me, I’ll be fine without it but I think it might be nice sometimes if I’m sick if you would. And don’t worry, I promise I’ll take care of you when you’re sick too! :)

From To My Future Spouse Tumblr:
– If you don’t like Harry Potter as much as me, then this isn’t going to work.
– Can I read to you? I have so many wonderful books to share with you. I can’t wait for those nights.
– I look forward to the simple things: holding your hand, laughing…
The thought of just being together is a beautiful thing.
– Thanks for pursuing the heart of God in order to find me.
– Thank you.
Thank you for being the gentleman you are.
Thank you for delighting in my innocent happiness.
Thank you for opening doors for me.
Thank you for letting me go first in lines.
Thank you for buying me dinner.
Thank you for respecting my morals.
Thank you for telling me I’m beautiful.
Thank you for being you.
There is so much good you do – both seen and unseen.
I don’t know you yet, but I’ll know you by your actions and your heart.
I love you.
– Today is one of those days… how is it possible to miss someone I don’t even know?
– You are worth the wait.
– I don’t want diamond sunbursts or marbles halls. I just want you.
– I see boys every day. I talk to them every day. I wonder every day. Could he be the one? Could he be you? I feel so frustrated not knowing if I walked by you today and didn’t realize it. It’s frustrating not knowing if I talked to you and didn’t think anything of it. It’s frustrating because I’m afraid of missing you. But even more so, I’m afraid of pursuing someone other than you. So I’ll replace my impatience with patience and trust the Lord. For I know that one day, we will fall into place.
– Can we please go on spontaneous adventures, to the mountains, the deserts and the seas? Can we please?
– I can’t wait for our first kiss.
– I want you to dance with me even when there’s no music.


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I'm learning to love and be and grow up and things are hard but God is always so good.

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