Goodbye (Almost) to 2011

When 2011 just started last January, now almost a year ago, I was quite a different person than I am now. I was dealing with heartbreak and family drama and while I had the hope of Christ, I wasn’t as strong in my faith as I should’ve been and because of that I felt quite hopeless and discouraged. Last January I would’ve never guessed that my year would’ve been as wonderful as it has been but now looking back, I think 2011 is probably one of the best years I’ve ever had. Yeah, it’s been hard, dealing with family stress, hard classes, loss of friends but the good has out weighed the bad by so much, I’ve grown so much stronger and learned a lot this year thanks to my friends, new and old and mostly thanks to God. This year I’ve started working out, eating healthier and I’ve lost some weight, I’ve made new friends and though I’ve unfortunately lost old ones, in that process I truly learned who my real friends are. I’ve gotten so much stronger in my faith and now though I still am dealing with lots of family drama and stress I’m not discouraged anymore, I’m strong and I intend on staying that way. I’ve learned to be more decisive and to stand up for myself and I have several new friends to thank for that aspect of my change. I’ve had adventures with my new friends in college, I’ve tried new things and I’ve learned to be thankful for everything God brings into my life, both good and bad. I’ve gone from working in the food industry to having an office job. I’ve gotten up to 51 followers on this blog (I think at the beginning of the year I had like 15) and passed 30,000 views. I’ve gone from trying to do things myself and worrying when I couldn’t get something done to realizing that God is fully in control and it doesn’t matter what I do, He’ll always have the power and He can do more than I could ever dream of for my life. I still have a long way to go but seeing how much my faith has grown this past year is incredible, I owe that partially to some of my friends in my dorm this year as well, they’re encouraged me and prayed for me and inspired me to be more open in my faith and to share it more with others. God is incredible and as amazing as this year has been I truly believe He’ll do even more in my life in 2012, I personally can’t wait to see all that He has in store. His ways continue to amaze me and I hope that I can grow so much more in Him this year, as much as I have this year, I know I still have an infinite amount of things to learn which as a human of course I’ll never fully get to. I’ll never love Him like I’m supposed to, I’ll still screw up and put other things above Him but no matter how much I do that, I know He’ll be here to take me back and I will try to keep focused on Him as best as I can. That’s really all I have to say for now but I do want to share something that my RA Kyle said the other day and later posted on Facebook, it’s very true and quite encouraging.

The fictitious character I just made up in my head: “Can you help me?”
Other fictitious character I just made up in my head: “Do you need help sinning? I do that a lot. Do you need help being fake? I am really good at that. Do you need help being selfish or greedy? Do you need directions on how to fail? I do that a lot. Do you need a lesson in disobedience?”
The fictitious character I just made up in my head: “no”
Other fictitious character I just made up in my head: “Well those are my specialties. I do know someone who loves me despite of all that; he never leaves me.”
The fictitious character I just made up in my head: “I want to know him.”
~ Kyle

Thanks for reading everyone! :)
Hope ♥


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I'm learning to love and be and grow up and things are hard but God is always so good.

2 responses to “Goodbye (Almost) to 2011”

  1. socialcyndi says :

    Encouraging words…..and a new follower! God is good – and His love endures forever!

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