Dear Future Husband (Again)

So with me having some writer’s block at the moment, I’m gonna take an easy way out for this post. I follow this super awesome blog on Tumblr called To My Future Spouse and it’s always super cute and encouraging (and fine, a little sappy too) so basically I’m just gonna take some of my favorites from there and post some of the ones that I feel like apply to me and that I would totally write to my future husband. So yeah, here ya go! :)

To my future husband:
– I am not much of a risk taker. I like to play it safe. However, if you are patient with me, I will take risks with you, because I know I will be able to trust you.
Can’t wait to meet you,

-This past week has been horrible. Why haven’t you been here with me?

-Let’s play hooky from work and sleep in, stay in our pajamas all day, build a tent in the livingroom, play cards, watch the classics, read books, and snuggle… a lot. What a perfect day it will be!
Until Then,

– “Husband.” I can’t wait for the day that I can put a name and a face with that word.

– I want to see the world with you.

– I really hope you love to travel, because I want to see the world with you. I would even love to just drive across the continent, living out of our car. As long as I get to see everything the world has to offer with you.

– Sometimes, I think there’s no way I’ll ever be able to be a proper helpmate for anyone. Please forgive me when I fail.

– I can’t wait to sleep with you – in the most innocent form – so when I wake up from bad dreams or wake up from one of those “you’re falling off of something” flinches, I can just roll over and snuggle in your safeness

– God made me feel cold all the time on purpose. So we can sit together, keep each other warm, and grow in Him together with deep discussions and prayer.

– I pray that I can be the friend you need, the girlfriend you desire, and the wife you deserve.


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About elvishjesusfreak

I'm learning to love and be and grow up and things are hard but God is always so good.

8 responses to “Dear Future Husband (Again)”

  1. leeleegirl4 says :

    These are so adorable. They are so beautiful that I almost want to cry.

    P.S. I am glad I am not the only one who misses someone I’ve yet to meet.

  2. paperclip101 says :

    I love this :D Also, how on earth did you make your blog snow?!

  3. slytherpuffclawkim says :

    So my family watches Jeopardy and there was a question about pushing something up. (Obviously it had more context than that.) But anyway, the answer was daisies. The fan in me was freaking out on the inside.

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