No Longer a Teen

Ok so I’m going to be a bit selfish (Though I guess this is my blog…) and just talk about my day today. As some of you know, today was the 20th anniversary of my birth (Why I described my birthday in such a fancy way I don’t know. Don’t judge me.) It wasn’t really too exciting, unfortunately nothing really memorable happened today though last night I did have a party where several of my friends from home came over and talked and watched Psych and hung out which was lovely! I did quite enjoy seeing them again, it had really been to long but I also wish that my friends from college could have celebrated with me as well, even though I’ve only been away from them a week, I miss them terribly! Those people truly are my family. :) Ok.. that was a rabbit trail, back on track. Anyways, birthday party was super fun and several of my friends stayed til midnight so they could tell me Happy Birthday on my actual birthday which was quite lovely! :) My friends are so awesome!
Today itself wasn’t very exciting at all, I woke up, ate some Lucky Charms (With milk in it! You don’t probably understand why that’s exciting but up til last week I had never tried cereal with milk in it and now I’ve kinda fallen in love with it! :D), dyed my hair again (it was supposed to be bright ginger again but is more dark burgundy.. I like it but I miss my gingerness… then I ate a sub sandwich for lunch, watched several hours of Arrested Development with my sister, took a nap, woke up and talked to my family for a while, thought about doing homework then didn’t, went to my grandparents house for cake, got guilt tripped by my mother and told I was a bad child again then opened my presents. I wasn’t expecting much but my presents were quite lovely. My sister gave me an awesome shirt (Pictures will be included at the bottom of this post!), my dad’s mom and step-dad sent me money, my moms parents gave me money, my mom gave me a fuzzy hat and two beanies and my dad gave me a Nerf gun. (Dude yeah I got a Nerf gun for my 20th birthday! What of it?) Then my dad’s dad and step-mom sent me a purse, a pair of purple high top Converse Chucks, and a Doctor Who shirt. Several of my friends also gave me presents, my friend Daniel gave me a bow tie (in honor of Doctor Who of course), my best friend Jill gave me a FBI kit for my future career, Emalie gave me a blanket, a mug and some necklaces, Tat gave me fuzzy penguin pants and body spray and lotion, Rebekah gave me some awesome lip balm and a while back as early birthday presents my friend Hudson gave me a Hufflepuff scarf and Tyler from my dorm gave me a Sonic Screwdriver from Doctor Who. It was all pretty legit though as much as I enjoy the things I feel bad when people buy things for me. It’s not like I needed these things but I definitely appreciated the gesture. :)
Anyways, thanks for reading about my day! :)
Hope ♥

FBI Kit - Ice Pack "For inevitable injuries. The FBI is dangerous."

FBI Kit - Binoculars "To spy on the cute boy in the cubicle next to yours at the FBI"

FBI Kit - Spy glasses "So you can be immensely inconspicuous and spy on criminals"

FBI Kit - Small walky talkies "For small conversations with other FBI agents. Not cute boys! Unless the agents are cute boys."

FBI Kit - Frying pan (Think of the movie Tangled) "Every FBI agent needs a weapon. Imported from Rapunzel's Kingdom"

Pretty purse :)

My beautiful, gorgeous, amazing Doctor Who shirt


Nerf gun. Like a boss.

Shirt from my sister!

I love Converse.

Emalie picks out cool necklaces. Also, I love jewelry.


My Sonic and my bow tie, seemed natural to put those two together for a picture.

And that was an almost completely pointless post, so if you read it all and scrolled down all this way, thank you very much, I appreciate people reading even my pointless posts about myself. :) Also, it didn’t really feel like my birthday so I don’t feel older but the knowledge that I’m not a teenager anymore is quite strange.


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I'm learning to love and be and grow up and things are hard but God is always so good.

9 responses to “No Longer a Teen”

  1. Hudson Gay says :

    Good to see you enjoyed yourself! I enjoyed looking at the photos as well. I kind of feel the same way with the aging thing, as 18 is significant, and then I turned 19, and I was like, “meh.” (or “mehr”). Also Go Hufflepuff (and Gryffindor).

  2. tiallarising says :

    Happy Birthday!! Dude, a nerf gun for you birthday is amazing. haha


  3. tiallarising says :

    btw, I *love* your converse. they’re absolutely amazing. And your owl necklace is sooo pretty. Those notes on your FBI kit stuff are hilarious. :D


  4. LittleMissVix says :

    Welcome to your twenties!

  5. sillymexox0 says :

    Are the converse leathery?
    and haha I own a NERF gun too. ;)

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