A Weekend to Remember

This weekend I thought was going to be quite dull and boring. Not only is it Halloween weekend, but it’s also our schools Homecoming. Since I had nothing to do for homecoming and I don’t care for football in the slightest, I was expecting to just have a lazy, completely uninteresting weekend. Little did I know how wrong I was. Both RA’s for our floor, Kyle and Kendra were gone this weekend (Which considering how it was Homecoming and Halloween is the worst idea I’ve ever heard) so naturally my friend Jared and I took over (With permission from Kyle and Kendra) as the temporary RAs for the weekend. First order of business was obviously to get our RA capes. We went to my room and got some of my blankets and immediately put them on. We also realized that my lightsaber would probably come in handy in case of any trouble on the floor. After gathering our supplies, we got to work. We walked into the lobby to see if there was any trouble and luckily, we got there just in time to stop Jiayi from killing Connor (This may or may not have been slightly staged for picture taking purposes). We immediately put a stop to this, me taking down Jiayi with my lightsaber with Jared carrying Connor away to get help. After that it was relatively quiet for the rest of the night. Saturday was slow most of the day, almost everyone was gone for the game all afternoon but when they got back, we got straight back to work. After thinking about how awesome our RA skills were, Jared and I decided the only thing we could do was to stage a military coup so Kyle and Kendra never got back their power. (Clarification: We never really wanted their power, we just were slightly drunk with our fake, nonexistent power) We drew up some plans for our coup, took some more pictures, printed them off and hung them up on the wall. After this, we decided all we could do really was watch the fifth Harry Potter movie and then watch some episodes of the Office. Unfortunately while we were watching the movie there was a bit of real trouble on the floor and one of the RAs from the other floor and the police had to come deal with but I’m not gonna get into that, it’s all sorted out now and everything will be fine. Anyways, the weekend was overall quite lovely and Jared and I (While not desiring any real power) think we make absolutely wonderful RAs and enjoyed our time quite immensely (Though possibly a bit too much).

First picture as RAs

An RA handshake to officiate things

Off to save the world!

Connor being attacked by Jiayi

Taking care of things

Drawing up the plans for the military coup

Military coup plans

RAs for life

Sometimes RAs need mustaches. Nevermind the fact that mine is on upside down.

Posing with the RAs on duties. Notice who's holding the clipboard. :)


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