An Unusually Girly Post

I’ve never been one of those super girly girls. I mean, I have my moments, I read sappy books on occasion, I “ooh and ah” over cute pictures of couples, things like that happen but I’ve never been one of those that has completely had my wedding planned out since I was 5 or one that loves chick flicks. I’m still not, but recently a lot of people I know have been getting engaged or married and after Facebook stalking all their adorable engagement/wedding pictures, I’ve decided there are some things that I want to have in the future at my wedding (When and if such a thing ever occurs).

1. I want to be wearing Converse Chuck Taylors. I would prefer if my bridesmaids do too but if they don’t want to that’s fine, I definitely will be wearing mine. (The color of them is as of yet undecided)

2. There will be a lightsaber somehow involved. I don’t know how, maybe my husband will carry it as we walk down the aisle together to leave (That just happened at one of the weddings of a friend) or maybe it’ll be used elsewhere. I just want it to be quite prevalent.

3. Something Lord of the Rings related must be there. Perhaps our wedding rings will look like the One Ring? (Ok… that’s probably too nerdy.. I doubt my husband will go for that one.. though since I don’t know who he is yet, maybe he will!) Hmm, I’ll have to think about this one a bit more. Maybe just have the soundtrack playing as we walk down the aisle to leave.

4. I want all the guys in the wedding to wear bow ties. Bow ties are cool. And not just because the Doctor thinks so either, I freaking love bow ties. Always have, always will. But yes, I do want them in there for the Doctor Who reference as well.

5. I want there to be a TARDIS. Maybe not a life size one, maybe stick it on the cake or something but I want it there.

6. Harry Potter is obviously necessary in my wedding, I’m thinking Unbreakable Vow during the ceremony? :)

Ok, short list, all pretty nerdy but I do want these things to happen. Knowing me how could anyone expect anything less? I’m a nerd, I’m proud of it and I think weddings should reflect your personality. I mean, obviously I don’t think too much money should be put into these things, weddings are just one day after all, it’s the marriage people should focus more on but I think it would be really cool to have at least most of these things at my wedding whenever it happens.
Hope ♥


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8 responses to “An Unusually Girly Post”

  1. Hudson Gay says :

    I must say, I agree wholeheartedly. I had a few ideas of my own after reading, and thought I’d share them:

    1. Incorporate the lightsaber in the cake-cutting process. After all, that’s like a compliment to the strength of your cake, and ensures the lightsaber is actually used.

    2. I like the idea of wearing “casual” shoes, though I don’t know the difference between regular Converse shoes and the Chuck Taylor one’s. Are they the high-tops?

    3. Rather than having the rings be the same as in LOTR, engrave the inside with the script, plus that way it’s a sort of inside joke.

    4. Though I’m not a Dr. Who fan yet, either put a version of bride and groom in TARDIS on cake, or walk out of the TARDIS into aisle.

    Have a good day!

    • elvishjesusfreak says :

      You are brilliant my friend! Oh my gosh, this is awesome!
      1. Yes. This is perfect. This HAS to happen.
      2. Chuck Taylor’s are the high tops yes. :)
      3. Ooh… That is a good idea too! I like it :)
      4. Both of those are good… I’ll have to figure out which one of those to use… Or perhaps both. I supppose since I don’t even have a boyfriend yet I have a while to decide! :)

    • Hudson Gay says :

      Off topic, but I just noticed that my Facebook picture was cropped, so it’s only my eye. Weird. Keep calm and carry on.

  2. genesismeranda says :

    I’ve never been a real girly girl either, but just this year I decided I’m having a mashed potato bar at my if-it-ever-happens-wedding! I will say this, my sister who just recently got engaged is incredibly “nerdy”. She loves LOTRs, and other such uh things? Anyways, point is, her husband to be does too! Like they both like that stuff a lot a lot! So there’s a good possibility that you’ll meet someone who likes the stuff you like. =)Also, I had to look up TARDIS and I’m still not sure I understand what it is. A time machine??

    PS. ^^^That guy’s cake and lightsaber idea is way fun!

    • elvishjesusfreak says :

      Oh I’m definitely sure that whoever I marry will be nerdy too! I mean, I’m so nerdy it’ll pretty much have to be that way, at least to some extent! :) And the TARDIS is indeed a Time Machine. It’s from the British sci-fi show, “Doctor Who”. You should definitely check it out by the way! And thanks for the comment! :)

  3. paperclip101 says :

    I have a friend who walked up the aisle to the theme song of The Princess Bride! I love your ideas, and what a cool blog. I’ll be back!!!
    <3 Paperclip101

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