What’s hair for if you can’t change it?

Sometimes I just get really bored with my hair, sometimes I change the color, sometimes I drastically cut it and sometimes I just change my bangs. Saturday afternoon was one of those days, it was time for a change and my friend Chelsea was going to get her haircut at the local Great Clips so I decided to join. Now my hair is still ginger but has a lot more layers and side-swept bangs. I’m pretty happy with it and since I’ve had writer’s block for a while on this blog now, I decided to just show a bunch of past pictures so you can see all the massive hair style changes I’ve had.

8th Grade

Summer before Sophomore year

Drivers License Sophomore Year

Sophomore Year

Summer after sophomore year

Junior Year

Senior Year

Senior Year

Summer after Senior year

Student ID picture Freshman year of college

Beginning of Freshman year of college

Fall Freshman Year

Summer after Freshman Year

Also summer after Freshman year

Sophomore Year of college



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2 responses to “What’s hair for if you can’t change it?”

  1. LittleMissVix says :

    I’m the same, i’ve had so many different hairstyles! My mum is a hairdresser so there’s no stopping me :)

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