Navs Night is My Favorite Night

Every Thursday night, I attend Navigators, a weekly student ministry at my college. Every single week it blesses me so much, we start off with praise songs and go on into a testimony from someone, then a message and then more worship songs. Most people’s favorite day of the week is Friday or Saturday but mine by far is Thursday because of how much Navs impacts me every time. I can go in there feeling depressed or down or hard-hearted against something and it will always completely change my day around and lift me up.
Last night we discussed how we live a life of faith and foolishness in this life on earth but when we get to Heaven, someday, there will be a day when all of our foolishness disappears.
We also talked about “Implications for how we view and treat ourselves.”
Some of those points were how we need to avoid pride after our “victories” and avoid despair after our failures. We’re not supposed to model perfection in this life, none of us are perfect, we need to model redemption. When we screw up and sin against each other and when others sin against us we need to be good at saying sorry and forgiving people. In this life it’s going to happen a whole lot. We also need to avoid the tendency to idolize others. Lots of times as Christians we find someone who is an awesome Christian and while it’s awesome to have someone to look up to as a role model they’re not perfect and what makes them an awesome role model is God, not them. We’re all made of the same thing, the people we look up to are flawed just like we are. We need to look past them and see God.
The last point I have from Navs last night is this, “The only way to negotiate life is to live in humility.”
I hope you enjoyed it and learned a lot, I definitely did.
Hope ♥


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