Ok, first of all, I realize the title of this post seems a bit odd but if you knew my dorm floor, you would understand. I literally have one of the coolest floors ever this year. Like don’t get me wrong, last year, my B1 (Boyd 1st floor) girls were super amazing and I love all of them but this year I feel like our floor is even closer, or at least will be that way. This year I’m on a coed floor which despite my mothers deep concerns, I love! Last year I literally didn’t have any guy friends at college except the ones I went to high school with but this year, I’ve met some awesome guys! I always like to have guy friends in addition to girl friends because they’re just so much fun and way less dramatic! Anyways, a whole bunch of us from our floor are always hanging out in the lobby. Whether we’re just talking, playing cards or listening to some of the guys play guitar and/or banjo, there’s almost always someone out there. Which is super fun of course. One of the things that we’ve enjoyed doing so far is playing Catchphrase. Oh my gosh, best game ever! I get super into it and yell out the clues and get really excited, it’s the best! Also, our guy’s RA Kyle likes to put a random back story to it that has nothing to do with the clue at all. Example: “One time, you wake up, and your children are super hungry, and you’re like, ‘What?! It’s already lunch time?!’ Then you’re like, ok kids, have some lunch! But they want more than what you give them so you give them some _____ to put on their chips!” The answer was obviously dip but it took an unusual amount of time for him to get to the clue, which was quite hilarious. But anyways, everyone on my floor (Well, at least the ones I’ve met!) are super awesome! Kendra my roommate from last year and my friend from high school is my roommate again (She’s pretty dang awesome!) and is the girls RA for our floor. Now I may be biased but I have to say that Kendra and Kyle are like the best RA’s ever! They get super into everything and are just generally awesome people! My friend Connor and I are currently in an argument over who likes Harry Potter more which, obviously I’m going to win but it’s awesome that someone else likes it so much! My friend Chelsea and I enjoy going around talking in (Sometimes awful) British accents for hours sometimes and probably deeply concerning the rest of our floor, but it doesn’t matter, we have fun with it. Also a lot of the people on my floor like the same music I do which is awesome because last year almost everyone liked country music, which I completely hate! So it’s nice to meet more people who enjoy/know of all the awesome indie bands I listen to. Kyle, JC, Dakota are some of the guys that play instruments and a lot last weekend a bunch of us just sat around the lobby and listened to them play songs. They played some awesome ones like “Anyone Else But You” from the Juno soundtrack, “I’ll Follow You Into the Dark” by Death Cab for Cutie, the occasional Mumford and Sons song and a ton of other awesome ones! My friend Devon is super into history and current events (Which I’m a little jealous of his knowledge because while I like History, I always forget important facts…) and so is Kyle and sometimes they get into really entertaining discussions about it. My favorite was by far when they loudly discussed John Wilkes Booth. I don’t have time really to get into the rest of my friends here but I’m sure by the end of the year you’ll hear plenty about all of them!
I’m definitely blessed to have the floor I do and I can tell that it’s gonna be a great year, I love all my friends already!
Hope ♥
Check out my friend JC’s music! He’s on my floor and he’s an awesome singer, he’ll put more songs up soon but go like him on Facebook!

P.S. The pants thing is just a weird inside joke between our floor because Kyle is obsessed with the word pants. Not even just pants in general really, just the word, so now we just say pants all the time.

Also, please enjoy some wonderful pick up lines that me and some of my friends looked up last night.

“You smell like trash, can I take you out?”

“Hey, do you like fat guys with no money?”

“Your beauty was so stunning that it caused me to run into the wall. Could I get your name and number for insurance purposes?”

I’m not even kidding, these are legitimate pick up lines that we found online. The trash one makes me laugh really hard though…


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