Quotes (Again)

There’s a blog that I follow on Tumblr called “To My Future Spouse”, most of these letters written are super sweet and I agree wholeheartedly with them so I thought I would just share some of them with my readers. I didn’t write any of these but I feel the same as all of these!

To My Future Husband:
Please come soon, and bring a huge band-aid big enough for my battered, bruised and lonesome heart.

To My Future Husband:
Don’t ever feel you have to lie to cover a mistake. The most perfect person can also be the most imperfect person. I’ll love you for you.

To My Future Husband:
I will know it’s you when I leave the conversation not seeking more of you, but seeking more of God, because your passion for the Lord will spark that same passion inside me.

To My Future Husband:
The more I want our journey to begin together, the more I pray that you are seeking out God’s guidance to find me.

To My Future Husband:
Let’s grow old together, watch our children succeed and have children of their own. Let’s sit on the front porch and watch the sunset. Let’s tell each other everything, no matter how small! Let’s fall deeper in love with each passing day, let’s always remember to say “I love you,” even after a fight…cause at the end of the day, “you’re the one that I want…” and you always will be.

To My Future Husband:
I wish I knew who you were. I’d hurry up and find you so I could finally be with you. I need a hand to hold and arms to curl up in. More importantly, I need your words of encouragement and comfort. I love you already.

To My Future Husband:
Please, for the love of everything wonderful, be a hopeless romantic.

To My Future Husband:
When it gets hard to wait for you, I look down at my purity ring and smile, for I know God will bring you to me when we are both ready. And when I am your bride, I want you to have my purity ring melted down for your wedding band, a symbol of me giving you my purity.


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I'm learning to love and be and grow up and things are hard but God is always so good.

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