I’m really bad at everything.

I’ve known this for a while but it become more evident tonight as I tried to play ping pong. Let’s just say that won’t be a profession I will ever look into in the FBI thing goes wrong…. Let’s also say that the ball never made contact with the paddle… But really, I wish there was something I was good at, I’m not good at sports, or games, or anything really… I mean, there are definitely things I’m ok at, but nothing that everyone’s like, “Wow, Hope’s really good at” fill in the blank. And I mean, I’m totally fine with it. I’ll just be ok at everything until I find something I’m good at. I just am kind of having writer’s block right now and though I would share my ping pong failures with you. Also, please enjoy these hilarious quotes I found on StumbleUpon the other day! :)

“Inside jokes are bitterly resented by the homeless.”

“I’d rather have a blind date than a deaf apricot.”

“My stepladder is so great, I’m almost glad my ladders got divorced.”

“Getting kidnapped is kind of like the worst surprise party ever.”

“The first guy to say “Laughter is the best medicine!” was probably hoarding all the real medicine.”

“When you say, “Let’s go camping!” I hear “Let’s go pretend to be homeless in the woods!”

“My pessimism has never failed me, but I’m sure someday it will.”


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About elvishjesusfreak

I'm learning to love and be and grow up and things are hard but God is always so good.

10 responses to “I’m really bad at everything.”

  1. klamach says :

    Hope – FWIW, I think you are pretty darn good, ok, really good, at writing and evangelizing through your writing. Just sayin’…

  2. whatimeant2say says :

    I’m with whoever made the camping comment. Does not sound tempting to me in the least. I think I’m too high maintenance. That’s the only thing I’m good at!

  3. Ipodman says :

    Don’t worry, Ping Pong is not my area of expertise either. Or any other sport really… :/

  4. LittleMissVix says :

    I feel your pain! I’m hopeless at any sports involving hand / eye coordination – I certainly can’t catch! I am hopeless :) Some of us were built for sports, others not!!

  5. Donni Saphire says :

    That StumbleUpon page happens to be a crawl of my Twitter feed, and I wrote those jokes. Glad you like ’em. Just give me credit next time? They can be found at http://twitter.com/donni. Nice blog :-)

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