Awesome Quotes from Tumblr

“I love stories. I love reading stories, I love writing stories, I love telling stories. I love how you can pick up a book and be transported to Middle Earth, 19th century London, Narnia, Hogwarts or any other time or place in history. I love how all of your worries and cares disappear just by turning a page. I love how characters can become best friends at a time when you have no one else. I love the escape, the chance to be someone else, somewhere else for a little while. It’s refreshing. We all need stories.”

“I am a guy, and I am very jealous of girls. Because, girls can hug, kiss and cuddle with each other without fear of being called as gay or lesbians. Girls share stories better with other girlfriends compared to guys who would rarely give a crap of each others problems. Girls can gossip around and look cute and beautiful, rather than being dull, like most trying-to-look-macho guys. But then, I remembered that females get heartbroken real easily, fragile, weak, works a lot at home, get pregnant, get period pains and lots more problems than most men. And that’s the reason why boys exist. We exist to protect you girls out there, and its a shame that its hard to find a good guy nowadays. And I’m proud being a guy. Someday I’ll treat my wife better than a queen.”
– Ok, I want this guy to be in my life, or someone who feels this way. This is one of the all time sweetest things I’ve ever read. I hope this guy finds an awesome girl who deserves him.


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I'm learning to love and be and grow up and things are hard but God is always so good.

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  1. Andrew Carkhuff says :

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