Summer is Over

Well, today has been my last full day before moving back to college. With everything going on in my family life, needless to say I am more than a little excited to go back. But at the same time, I’m not ready to leave my friends, I feel like I barely got to spend time with most of them. Also I’ll miss being on the computer 24/7… Literally when I haven’t been doing odd things around the house I’ve been on Facebook, Tumblr and Skype. I’ve been on Facebook a lot less recently though as I got more addicted to Tumblr and my friend Tyler and I have literally talked every single day this summer but once on Skype chat, just sharing funny links we find on StumbleUpon. It’s been fantastic. So while I’m not terribly excited about going back to class and back to work, I am excited to see everyone at college again and to be on my own again. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing what God will do in my life this year! I just hope that I can show everyone around me His light!
Hope ♥


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I'm learning to love and be and grow up and things are hard but God is always so good.

6 responses to “Summer is Over”

  1. sarsteg says :

    Good luck with your up coming semester!

    – SES

  2. College & Other Pesky Things says :

    I love going back to school! It is always so excited to reconnect with everyone.

  3. LittleMissVix says :

    Good luck with your new year at college, have fun!

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