Society makes me sick.

When going through the grocery store or passing any magazines nowadays, all they say is “Tips to Lose Weight” or “How to Attract Your Man” or something else completely superficial. I’ve never seen a magazine that said, “Be a Better Person” or “How to Help People Out” that’s just not what sells in today’s society and quite frankly, it makes me ill. Everyone is so concerned on how they look, how other people perceive them or any number of these things that it seems most people have forgotten to just be themselves and be nice. I think most people would agree that they would rather have an ugly or even just normal looking person who is nice to them rather than a supermodel who is a jerk. Yet all these magazines talk about is how to lose weight, how to look like models (that don’t even really look like that!) or how to get or keep “your man”. When did this become important? 50 years ago, people thought it was more important to be respectful, to be kind to everyone. To talk to your neighbors, make time for friends. If you look at the difference in even the TV shows you’ll see it, now on a lot of TV shows everyone is rude and selfish, they don’t care who they hurt or what they have to do as long as they end up getting what they want. I wish our society wasn’t so superficial. Sure, I’d love to be a few pounds thinner, or have better clothes but I hope that’s not what I put first in life. God should come above all else and after Him others should come. I want to care more about people I know than trying to make myself not who I am. Going to the supermarket yesterday that was all I could think of. Seeing all those headlines, they don’t even talk about the troubles in the world! Doesn’t anyone care that people are starving? That there are terrorists taking over all over the world? That everyday people are killing themselves or harming themselves because they feel alone or not worth anything? Doesn’t that matter to anyone anymore? I’d say any of those things plus a lot more are way more important than losing a few pounds or having another one night stand. Why not look for friends? Comfort the lonely? Help out anyway you possibly can?


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About elvishjesusfreak

I'm learning to love and be and grow up and things are hard but God is always so good.

4 responses to “Society makes me sick.”

  1. Vix @ LittleMissEverything says :

    It is a shame everything is so obssessed with looks and finding a man. Unfortunately those titles sell which is why they write about it!

  2. paperclip101 says :

    This is so true. Our culture loves to focus on little, unimportant things while they could be changing the world for better… it’s sad. Really sad.

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