I’m going to Hogwarts!

After not making it into Pottermore Saturday night/Sunday morning because I fell asleep when the clue was released at 3am my time, I was DETERMINED to make it in last night. No one knew exactly when the clue would be released so many of us from Tumblr vowed to stay up as long as it took. We all gathered together in Skype’s chat to talk about anything and everything and try to come up with ideas for the clue. We had some snacks gathered around us and many of us had caffeine in hopes to stay up as long as we needed. At about 1am, there was still no sign of the clue and since it hadn’t come til 3am the morning before, I decided to take a nap til about 3. At roughly 3am, my good friend Tyler texted me on request to make sure I was awake and immediately I got right back onto Skype and Tumblr. All the while refreshing Pottermore like a mad person. We were all quite tired and going a bit insane from sleep deprivation but we were determined. Those who had the books made sure Chamber of Secrets was right next to them and most of us were furiously taking notes and checking out the internet for anything that the clue could be. Finally, right at 4am, the clue appeared. The clue said something along the lines of, take the chapter number where McGonagal told them Quidditch was cancelled and multiply that by 42, the chapter number was 14 so it ended up being 288. We then put that number in the URL and it took us to another website where we had to find the Magic Quill. Once we got there it was pretty easy and I immediately registered! Within 5 minutes I got my email to validate my account and sometime after this week is over (Meaning after all million spots are taken for the BETA testing) then I’ll be able to actually get on be sorted and everything. They did give me my username which is Moonheart 65. Completely worth getting almost no sleep. I am so excited! :)

The Magic Quill

In addition to this exciting news, I also got an invite to Google+ yesterday so I’m looking forward to seeing what all that’s about!
Hope ♥


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2 responses to “I’m going to Hogwarts!”

  1. jgavinallan says :

    You are pulling me deeper and deeper into the Potter web…

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