Christianity in Harry Potter

This is a very controversial topic but since Harry Potter means a lot to me, I’m going to go ahead and talk about it. There are very strong opinions on both sides of this issue but I’m gonna share mine with you. Obviously, I think there is nothing un-Christian about Harry Potter and as most if not all of you know, I’m a very strong Christian. I know people all the time are like, “Oh, but Harry Potter is about magic and that’s against the Bible!” Well, yes, but Lord of the Rings and Chronicles of Narnia which are both VERY famous CHRISTIAN series are also dealing heavily with magic and I’m more than willing to say that there are more Christian elements in Harry Potter than in Lord of the Rings. JK Rowling has professed to be a Christian many times and while I obviously can’t read her mind, all evidence points to the fact she’s telling the truth. A friend of mine wrote these points about Christianity in Harry Potter:
“1. J.K. Rowling is a Christian.
2. HP7 includes a direct allusion to Christ.
3. if HP is so offensive then why isn’t Lord of the Rings or Chronicles of Narnia, both include witchcraft.wizardry and BOTH were written by Christian authors (J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis), If you’re going to attack HP why aren’t you attacking Lord of the Rings and Chronicles of Narnia?
4. If we shouldn’t watch Harry Potter, then we shouldn’t watch any movie that includes sin because all sins are bad enough to keep us from inheriting the kingdom of heaven. (James 2:10). Why put a sudden emphasis on witchcraft? If you’re not going to watch Harry Potter because it promotes “The sinful nature of witchcraft” then don’t watch ANY movie. All of them include sinful people doing sinful things.
5. Do you really know enough about real witchcraft to compare it to Harry Potter and KNOW that it includes REAL witchcraft?
6. Name one person who you KNOW personally who walked out of Harry Potter and started practicing witchcraft. I know none
7. Do I think that in real life the Bible leaves any room for REAL Witchcraft to be ok? NO Revelation 21:8 is pretty clear about that.

Let’s compare Harry Potter to Wicca, what most people would refer to as witchcraft.
I’m no expert on Wicca, but I’ve read all 7 potter books.
Here’s what I’ve learned about Wicca from google
1. Wicca is a Religion, the magic in Harry Potter is not
2. Some wiccans believe in duotheism. (two gods) Named the horned god and mother goddess, there is NO mention of any sort of god or gods in Harry Potter.
3. Try reading anything about what wiccans believe to be Magic. It is very confusing and has talks about using the powers of the “quantum realm” and using elementals and spirits to help perform the magic. Some even make the claims that everyone uses magic everyday and have no idea.
Harry Potter includes NONE of this.”
I think these are all great points! And, by the way, Jake who wrote this is the strongest Christian I know and a pastor’s kid.
If you’re still doubting the Christianity in Harry Potter, then check out this article which is one of many promoting Harry Potter
I know that some of you reading this might still disagree with me, and I know that my parents will definitely not listen to anything I have to say about this but most of the people who are against Harry Potter, have never actually read the books. As someone who has read them and watched all of the movies and deeply researched more about them, there’s nothing connected to actual Witchcraft in them and JK Rowling IS a Christian.
Hope ♥


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4 responses to “Christianity in Harry Potter”

  1. jgavinallan says :

    I don’t se any religion in Harry Potter books..I see good story and fantasy plots.
    I don’t understand why the worry. Religion is strong and should not fear simple stories of enjoyment

  2. Vix @ LittleMissEverything says :

    Well said. In my opinion HP deals with good over evil, light over dark, which is surely a elsson we want all children to learn? Also it is in the fantasy genre i.e. not reality, you literalyl can’t copy things in HP – we can’t fly on broomsticks and we can’t use magic wands to cast spells! Sadly :) So I don’t get it – as you say many films and books deal with sin, even Disney so you can’t ban everything.

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