A Post about Many Things

Today for once, I actually have a lot on my mind that I would like to talk about. So, bare with me, this is going to be quite random!

Topic 1:
After thinking about it, I think I finally realized why unlike so many other people, I am quite sympathetic towards Snape. I feel like it’s mostly because I’ve been in his situation before. Loving someone with everything in me and having them break my heart. I think that’s why I’ve been so intrigued by the story of Snape. Just because I can completely understand how he felt…

Topic 2:
Today in church we were reading from 1 Samuel. The message was very good as always and again I was reminded just how much I don’t put Christ first which made me really upset with myself. I’m going to try to do better…

Topic 3:
Also related to 1 Samuel, in one of the later chapters, it discusses a place called “Endor” a lot of us were excited because that of course is the planet where the Ewoks live in Star Wars.

Topic 4:
I’m pretty sure that I would be content listening to Alan Rickman saying anything, he could read the phone book and I would be amused. His voice is amazing. Plus he has an accent… Ergo, I have been watching a lot of Alan Rickman movies recently….

Topic 5:
I love the band Mumford and Sons. I could listen to them all time too. They’re just so wonderful and their songs are brilliant!

Topic 6:
Last night, my friend Dalton had a bonfire. Now that might not have been the best idea since it was 104 degrees outside but it was literally one of the best nights of my life. My friend Tyler gave me a ride out there and for the first hour or so, my friends Brett and Rebekah and I had a bit of a dance party together dancing to the music Dalton was playing on his iPod and thoroughly (though unknowingly) amusing those who were watching us. Again, dancing in the heat around a fire was not a brilliant idea and of course we got all gross and sweaty but it was so much fun! After we were thoroughly sweaty, the 3 of us, plus my dear friends Abbey and Allie decided to take some pictures. As you can imagine, they turned out quite nicely. :) After the pictures, we sort of just sat around and talked. Of course some of the guests at the bonfire went a little crazy with the fire and burned all kinds of things but that’s just what happens at Dalton’s house. Also, they put a cardboard tube in which then started smoking immensely and because I have wonderful, brilliant, nerd friends like myself, of course we all decided that there was a Death Eater apparating there. Like I said, one of the best nights I’ve ever had. :)


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I'm learning to love and be and grow up and things are hard but God is always so good.

6 responses to “A Post about Many Things”

  1. Ipodman says :

    The Bible has Endor? Really? o.O I must go check that out!

  2. Vix @ LittleMissEverything says :

    I think we are meant to feel for Snape, he turned his back on evil for love and protected Harry even though he hated his father because he never stopped loving Lily, A sad part of the story! And I like that Harry honours him, he understands and respects Snape in the end!

  3. jgavinallan says :

    I am in awe of the whole Potter thing…and enjoying it.
    Such great themes and characters

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