Still Got Legs: An Album Review

Ok, so I had originally said that I would review the new Harry Potter movie today but I kind of ran out of time to do it as well as I would like so for today’s post I am going to be reviewing the Time Lord Rock band, Chameleon Circuit’s new CD, Still Got Legs.
For those of you who have no clue what Time Lord Rock is, it’s a genre of music based on the wonderful TV show, Doctor Who. Chameleon Circuit is my favorite Trock band (and one of my favorite bands in general) so I was thrilled when their new CD was released.
Now I’m sure that many of you are saying, “Really? A band about Doctor Who? How lame!” But really, the lyrics are amazing as are the vocals and the production of the music! You don’t even have to watch Doctor Who to understand the music, it’s just generally good stuff! Of course, if you do watch Doctor Who it’ll be exciting to hear all the references from the episodes!
The band includes several big name YouTubers, Charlie McDonnell (Charlieissocoollike), Alex Day (Nerimon), Liam Dryden (Little Radge), Edd Blann (EddPlant) and produced by Michael Aranda.
My favorite song on this new album is “Kiss the Girl” based on “The Lodger” episode from season 5 with Matt Smith. It’s a really sweet song with a catchy tune! Some other favorites are “Teenage Rebel” and “The Big Bang 2”.
I suggest all of you check it out! Both of their albums are really good! You can listen to the newest album here for free!:

For more info, check out Charlie McDonnell’s new video!


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  1. jgavinallan says :

    You haven’t steered me wrong yet…

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